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It appears that, before her debut, Lisa was actually a brunette and the brown hair gives her a softer look that fans just can’t get enough of. Lisa latest hairstyle is a far cry from her pre-debut look 영화에서는 매드 맥스 시리즈에 나오는 악역이 이 헤어스타일을 하고 있었고, 만화 북두의 권의 주인공 켄시로에게 죽임을 당하는 악당의 헤어스타일로 종종 그려지기도 했다.

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa confidently poses with her straight, light-brown hair. 또, 대한민국에서는 빅뱅의 리더인 G-DRAGON이 이 헤어스타일을 해서 화제를 모으기도 하였다.

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This event is not just for the benefit Filipino KPop fans but also serves a greater purpose in Philippines' fight against drugs ‘s didn’t always have the iconic hairstyle and platinum blond hair that she is known for now, and these recently released pre-debut pictures are blowing fans’ minds.

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Fans are, by now, used to Lisa’s edgy platinum blond hairstyle but her hair wasn’t always like that. Short and spiky hairstyle.

Walmart hairstyle. / The Seoul StoryLisa’s adorable smile matches her soft hairstyle perfectly.Lisa’s official debut photo.Lisa sure has come a long way since her debut

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