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Gabrielle Union has worn countless hairstyles, from sleek shoulder-length locks to long, beachy waves-and whatever the look or occasion, the actress always seems to look amazing. "I used to curl my lips," she says, pressing her lips together to demonstrate.

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So, in true Gabrielle Union fashion, she delivered a response that turned quite a few heads. Because no one was choosing me-my self-esteem was determined by somebody choosing me."Union's dewy brown skin is reflexively radiant as she talks about ways in which she would try to parlay, contort, and imagine her way out of being black as a teenager. He basically told Gabrielle that Being Mary Jane is good but whatever he brings to the BET table will be great so she might as well step aside. Korean hairstyle. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below There is the sense that were she still learning how to be a parent, Union might break down America's racism problem-along with its misogyny problem-in just this way for her kids. The New York rapper said he might be taking his talents down to South Beach When she was eight, her family moved to Pleasanton, California, where she grew up and attended high school. "This is something we all signed up for with this very specific goal," says Union. In high school, Union was an all-star point guard and a. When I was your age, I didn't love my skin color, I didn't love my lips. But we love that she spontaneously decided to make the move. "The venom has not lessened." Just being black has long been cause enough for vilification. So they'd do things like spray an alcohol-based product in my hair before flatironing it. And when it comes to my hair, I’ll tell you when it's a weave, when it's a wig, and when it's my own hair. Like always, he took to social media and fired off with a sarcastic remark but he probably didn’t expect to start a social media war with Gabrielle Union.

If throwing a shot at me gave you a little bit of levity, I will gladly be your target."On the people who might be worse than trolls."I hate when people go out of their way to point out the negative comments. She aches and empathizes with the older boys' desire to fit in at school, to be seen as "raceless and truly judged by their character, not for the skin they are wearing"-and to get the girls. As comfortable in her blackness as she is today, while growing up in the mostly white suburb of Pleasanton, California, where her parents were relocated from Nebraska as employees of AT&T, she wasn't exactly Black Power Movement material. Let’s go shorter.’ Larry Sims just took a hatchet to it and just hacked it off.” And before the actress and wife of NBA star Dwyane Wade knew it, “it was to the chin," says Union. I became this weird guinea pig where they would try to make it work with whatever products they had. A longtime book lover-she's just finished Rumaan Alam's Rich and Pretty, and is about to start The Mothers, by Britt Bennett-Union says writing books are in her future. "I look at Aja," says Union, referring to Aja Naomi King, who plays Nat Turner's wife, Cherry. She talks to us about the hair-care collection and her own hair journey.On why she created Flawless by Gabrielle Union."Through my time in Hollywood, I have been in a thousand different situations where the people who work in glam just had no idea how to deal with textured hair. It's a stark contrast to her role in The Birth of a Nation, the much-hyped slave rebellion biopic of Nat Turner that flopped at the box office this fall following the resurfaced rape allegations and legal trial against its star and director, Nate Parker. It reminds you how far an ounce of kindness can go. But the stylists on set had no idea how to do my hair from start to finish. Social media can be a horrible thing depending on where you are at. "And I see pictures and I look insane, but it was me trying to minimize my blackness." Her young Gabby girl self giggles at the absurdity of it in retrospect. I’m obsessed right now.”More recent celeb hair transformations:Bella Hadid Looks Amazing With Red HairGabby, please share some of that hair confidence with us Union's hair is a sleek, straight weave down past her shoulders, and her eyes are on fire. "So much of their issues with skin color have to do with who girls choose," she says. Wolverine hugh jackman hairstyle. You can cocktail it with anything: your shampoo or your conditioner, or you can use it as a mask. Over the years, I made mental notes about what works, what products should be used together, what products should be used together."On the product she is proudest of."The three-oil blend. And also how a fucked-up comment can send someone spiraling.

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"Nothing has changed," she says, referring to the treatment of black people in America, and the ways in which we are perceived and vilified and punished for merely wanting to be valued as human beings. "Maybe the next slave narrative, I'll have a little more control."Photography by James Ryang; Styled by Chrissy Rutherford & Carrie Goldberg; Hair by Takisha Sturdivant-Drew; Makeup by Mario Dedivanovic; Special Thanks to Splashlight Studios You could also say she is fashion goals, body goals, career goals, and life goals. She took the high road, but she made her sentiments quite clear. However, the subliminal insult was slammed relatively quick because Dwayne Wade wasted no time defending his wife. She maintains that when she was first introduced to The Birth of a Nation, it felt like a story of black rebellion that was in desperate need of being told. Gabrielle Union noticed it too and she wasn’t very happy about what he said. Add being a woman to the mix-particularly in light of the election results, which has given us a president who ran an openly racist and misogynistic campaign-and it's a straight garbage fire. It's almost impossible not to admire Union when she talks about her kids with husband, NBA player Dwyane Wade. In preparation for her key scene, she tells me, "We prayed and we called upon the ancestors…basically: 'Please don't let the Bring It On chick fuck this movie up!'" She didn't fuck it up, and has, in fact, emerged as a savvy, outspoken advocate for victims of sexual assault. Gabrielle also posted a photo collage of the evening, showing off a stunning Prada gown that really complemented her cut.TBH, what we love most about Gabrielle’s hair isn't the fact that it's new-celebs get bobs practically every day. Shoulder length hairstyle asian.

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This big job that gives her the accolades and attention that she deserves. It has a blend of argan, marula, and avocado oils that makes your hair stronger."On the product her husband can't get enough of."The great thing about all the products in the line is that you can use them again and again between washes and it's really hard to overdo it. But instead, she sounds perfectly seasoned and cogent when she addresses the potentially grim realities they face as young black men that go way beyond getting the girls.

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