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French maid hairstyle. One reason for its popularity is that it can be completed quickly and also inexpensively. If you’re concerned about your natural hair curling up out of your protective style when moisturized, you can use a bit of gel to smooth over the outside of your braids and tie them down with a scarf. Crochet Braids Crochet Braids are a popular African hair braid around Raleigh, NC. Micro Braids The Micro Braid hairstyle is a well known braid in the Raleigh area and is seen often during the Spring months.

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Korea hairstyle 2016. People Like it because it gives them a feeling of freedom and adventure, which is welcome feeling after experiencing a long, cold and dreary winter. Lastly, detangle your hair by yourself before arriving to the salon, and put your hair in twists/sections so that your braider already knows not to try for your precious baby hairs. "Braiding and twisting requires the same manipulation," Devri Velázquez, an editor at Naturally Curly, tells. First, decide which hairstyle to get based on your hair’s current health. The Box Braids are a terrific low-maintenance African hair braid style. The Goddess Braid easily makes you stand apart from everyone else and because of its ultra distinguished appearance, be prepared for a lot of people turning their heads to look at you and ask you where you had your hair braided. For example, if your edges are in the process of growing back, ghana braids are probably not the best protective style option for you at the moment. To figure out the best post-protective style deep conditioning treatment based on how your hair feels after the takedown, read my guidelines and suggestions here Box Braids is an African hair braid style that many women in Raleigh wear because it looks exquisite and is also a quick braid to have done. Their current natural hair can be extended with Box Braids allowing them to have the best of both worlds. Wet set hairstyle. I’m currently rocking both the colored and bob box braid trends!Adequately prepare for your install There are some critical things you can do to take care of your hair  even arriving at the hair salon to get your hair braided up. Whether you need to shell out a bit of extra money for more quality hair, or rinse your basic kanekalon hair with an ACV mixture to reduce the chemicals, don’t sacrifice your hair’s health in the name of being fly. It’s also important to keep your scalp super greased, because for whatever reason, protective styles – at least for me – try to play my life by creating pesky flakes if I don’t keep my scalp well oiled. And with more braided hairstyles flooding our feeds than ever, confusion is something that's bound to happen. The Goddess Braid has its roots in ancient feminine deities and is popular because it has a modern look While there are many people who blatantly rip off Black hairstyles, I recognize that others are simply uneducated about them. Use two rounds of a clarifying shampoo and a prolonged session with a deep conditioner to bring your natural hair back to life. The texture of the modern crochet braid has a natural look and feel to it and some people even mistakenly assume that the braid is real hair. The modern crochet braid has been infused with the natural look that has been more noticeable in recent years, which is part of the reason it has been seen as much as it has been seen lately. Make sure you don’t have anywhere to go, because taking down braids and locs almost always takes at least twice as much time as you anticipate. TAKE YOUR TIME, and detangle each section immediately after removing the extensions by using a mix of conditioner, water, and oil to work through any tangles, especially to de-gunk the roots. Third, make sure you use extensions that your scalp will not be sensitive to. It’s one thing to rock a cute protective style, but an entirely different thing to properly care for the style, so here’s some advice on how best to care for your natural hair while wearing protective styles with extensions from install to takedown. Goddess Braid The Goddess Braid is one of the more notable African hair braids out there now. Come into La Reine African hair Braiding and ask us about the crochet braid. We’ve written a couple of articles over the past few weeks about some trending protective styles for naturals, including bob box braids, colored box braids, faux locs, and ghana braids.

Scene hairstyle for girls. I tis also popular because it looks great for women who prefer a natural look to their hairstyle. This braid was very popular several years ago but it has been making a noticeable comeback. They're closely-knit together as far as definitions go, but with the proper amount of education and research beforehand, it eliminates the potential for the stylist and client [to misidentify them].". Spending a good part of a day at the hair salon to have their hair styles is not everyone and this is where Pixie Braids are a great option. To address the first, while you don’t need to continuously detangle your hair, it still needs moisture, particularly when intertwined with rough, dry synthetic hair! About once a week, spray your braids with a liquid leave in fortified with oils to help rehydrate your hair

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