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Alopecia Areata

Hair Loss Caused By Eczema

The normal hair life cycle lasts for 2 to 3 years. About 90% of the hair on your scalp is growing all the time and about 10% of the hair is in a resting phase. After 2-3 months, the resting hair is shed and new hair starts to grow in its place. It is normal to shed some hair every day. Averagely, people lose roughly 100 hair strands every day. But, some people may experience more than normal hair loss. Partial or complete loss of hair is called alopecia.

Excessive hair loss, thinning, or breakage can be caused by the use of hair care products, such as dyes and permanents, and from hot rollers, curling irons, or hair dryers, also because of the side-effects of medicines or medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It can be caused by hair-pulling or hair-twisting habits, damage to the hair shafts from burns or other injuries, poor nutrition, especially lack of protein or iron in the diet, diseases, such as lupus and hyperthyroidism, heavy metal poisoning, such as thallium or arsenic poisoning and recent surgery, high fever, or emotional stress.

Besides psoriasis, eczema is another non-contagious skin disease that can cause hair loss. It produces scales, reddened inflamed skin that periodically exudes and itches. The exact cause of eczema is unknown, but it’s thought to be linked to an overactive response by the body’s immune system to an irritant. It is this response that causes the symptoms of eczema. Psoriasis and eczema are different diseases that usually require different treatments, but there are certain treatments that can help with both. Symptoms of eczema are extreme buildup and sores on the scalp, and it can cause severe scarring. The buildup can lead to temporary hair loss, while the scarring can occur if a person scratches the painfully itchy lesions, so the permanent damage of the hair follicles occurs.

It can be caused by toxemia as well and permanent relief is occurs once the cause of the toxemia is removed, so the best way to fight it is cleansing and drinking plenty of purified water. The dietary recommendations have certain restrictions, because there is usually an increased sensitivity to fish-therefore it should be eaten in a limited amount. Generally, there is a high intolerance of cow’s milk, because eczema is highly associated with allergies, so the replacement is recommended – you should use soy milk or goat’s milk instead.

It is highly important to contact your doctor who will prescribe the right treatment for you if you have scalp problems. Since the disease makes skin dry and itchy, lotions and creams are recommended to keep the skin moist. These products are usually applied when the skin is damp, such as after bathing, to help the skin retain moisture. Cold compresses may also be used to relieve itching. Marbo Lotion completely cleanses and heals the scalp, resulting in strong and healthy follicles, free of unwanted grease and dandruff resulting in discontinuation of hair breaking or hair loss. The hair becomes thicker and firmer.