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Hair Loss

Most of the people experience hair loss to a lesser or greater extent due to various reasons in some point of their lives. Even though unique way of determining hair loss cause doesn’t exist, some researches have shown that there is a strong connection between hair loss and DNA of the relatives. However, it doesn’t have to be the case that all the kids from the parents who have condition called Alopecia Areata – a medical term for hair loss, have the condition themselves.

Hair loss can be the result of many causes. There are different opinions about the influence that stress can have on the hair loss. A lot of people experienced themselves a major hair loss, after some traumatic event like death in the family or divorce. If the reason is having worries on a daily basis, changing of the life style can help or at least improve the overall health of the body, which can result with hair growth.

The way you are treating your hair will be the way your hair will repay you. If you nourish your hair, on the inside and outside, it will show the results for sure. Taking lots of vitamins, minerals, eating diverse food, having a balanced diet and drinking plenty of fluids will result in shinier and stronger hair. On the other hand, using lots of different hair products may cause the opposite effect from the one you wanted, since they might not be compatible or they consist of some chemicals that are not beneficial for your hair. Losing some hair every day is normal, but if you notice that when you are washing your hair or combing it there are lots of hair falling, consultation with a doctor can help. Taking advices or a treatment can only improve the condition.

Since women like experimenting with their hair color and different hair styles, it often takes its toll on their hair growth and volume. As long as the hair follicles are not damaged, the condition can be reversed by the changes in their hair treatment. Dying hair in some more natural color, instead of bleaching or even growing your hair natural can be the solution to your problems. Wearing hair styles that put pressure on your hair can mean a severe damage if you don not change it in time.

If your hair loss occurs suddenly, it can indicate a more serious health condition. Some temporary reasons may cause your hair to fall, like taking birth control pills or having an abortion, diet pills, prescription drugs, hypothyroidism, diabetes and lupus. Hair loss can be a medication side-effect, so if you are treating some other condition and notice that your hair is falling more than usual, you should notify your doctor immediately. He/she may prescribe some other medication as a replacement that won’t have that effect on your body.  Cancer patients are aware of the possibility of complete hair loss, but luckily it starts growing back as soon as the therapy finishes.