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You can also try some cornrows, regardless of your hair length. Choose styles that add volume to the upper part of your hair. Make sure that the layers are long to prevent the "pyramid" look. If you are willing to straighten or relax your hair, try something that's around shoulder length.

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Add layers that go from your ears down to the ends. Skip the styles that put too much volume on the top of your head.

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Either way, it will look très chic! Consider an afro for a more masculine cut. A curly bob would look great! If you are willing to straighten or relax your hair, you could add some sweeping side bangs.Try to keep your hair parted to the side. They highlight your structure and make you seem all the more handsome! If you want something longer, try a brush up, pompadour, long comb over, or slick back. The Hairstyle Generator includes a photo editor to touch up your picture; the adjustment controls at the bottom lets you fine-tune the positioning when needed. A longer look like this looks great with natural hair! This will help add volume to your chin area and make it appear fuller and more proportionate to the rest of your face. If you have wavy hair, you might be able to pull off a brush up too. This will make your face look longer and thus make you seem all the more elegant. This app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad Popular Apps Popular iOS Apps View all iOS apps Popular Mac Apps View all Mac apps Popular Windows Apps View all Windows apps Popular Android Apps View all Android apps. And when you upload, remember that you can add multiple versions of yourself! Q. Ones that work really well for men are: brush backs, mid-fades with pompadours, tapering fade with quiffs, and undercuts with comb overs. Little black girl hairstyle. Keep the rest of your hair longer, at least collar length. Advanced Editing Tools Cut the hairstyle by touching parts you don’t want. Instead, choose something shorter than your ears, or something that extends past your ears. If you want something longer, have it be at least collar length. Avoid fringes and bangs, though, as they can make your face look rounder and less defined. Avoid anything too long, however; even with the added volume of your hair, it will only make your hair look longer. You can also try a short and spikey style or a long, textured comb over. If you want something shorter on the sides, keep the edges and fades rounded. Take advantage of your curls and their natural movement. Use your camera, load a photo from your photo album or use one of our sample models Adjust placement, size and rotation of all styles Save and Share with Email, Twitter, Facebook and iMessage integration. Use a head-and-shoulders picture, looking directly at the camera, with your hair tied back from your face, and ears uncovered -- this way you can try on any type of hairstyle! Make sure your snapshot is clear, focused and well-lit. A topknot or bouffant will only make your face appear longer. Add layers and volume if you are going for a masculine cut. Try a shoulder-length cut with layers between your chin and collarbone.

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