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Runner-Up: Alex Alecci Alex Alecci, meteorologist with KETV, takes the runner-up HAIRRY with a cropped, short cut that immaculately frames his stunning eyes. Bringing this information to the Council of Worlds, Starscream declared a state of war. After Wheeljack reluctantly agreed to help rebuild Superion, she and Ironhide observed in silent solidarity.

Get out the hair supplies, straightener, curling iron, and hairspray and create a fun hairstyle for your friend. Although Starscream's egocentric holiday didn't turn out as he had hoped, Windblade, her friends, and several Council members visited Starscream's quarters to throw him a party anyway, putting aside their differences for one night. Hard work, determination, and finding the right shampoo, pays off. You can catch George at the gym, dining out, or reporting on world events on WJZ-TV – or go right to the source on his Twitter account. Although she was busy with her political duties, Windblade found the time to work on Metroplex's space bridge with Wheeljack. O’Donnell is no stranger to hardware on his mantel. When Springer arrived in the Legends Universe, Windblade and Chromia were impressed with his handsome new body.

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Brown and red bob hairstyle. We love ‘dos like Brad’s where you second guess whether a product’s being used. After saving Earth and ensuring that the Autobots and other local peacekeepers would keep the planet safe, Windblade returned to Cybertron feeling very unsure of her role in the future. Okay, we’re trying to remain impartial here but it’s just not possible. Ask your friend what he or she likes to do, be flexible, and have fun! Being Creative with What's around You Build a fort. The craziest news in America isn’t the only thing happening in Florida. Kinky twist hairstyle images. Pictures of bobs hairstyle. We love the combo, and everything about his slightly shaggy haircut, and that’s why he awarded him with North Carolina’s first place HAIRRY Award. Committed to excellence in everything and sensitive to the passions of it’s stylists, Hair By Joey has attracted some of the top cut and colorists in Seattle. Over time, the word came to represent money earned in the entertainment business. Congratulations, Kyle! Runner-Up: Chris Breece Apparently, in Alabama, good hair is a must if you’re going to be reporting on sports. For example, a tiny hand gesture represents reading a love letter, holding the corner of a handkerchief in the mouth represents coquetry and the long sleeves of the elaborate kimono are often used to symbolize dabbing tears. Bob hairstyle with shaved side. #StrongerThanEver #ImWithJake Runner-Up: Ryan Yamamoto CONFESSION TIME: We actually had people write to us asking us to take a good hard look at Ryan Yamamoto. When Windblade investigated the tiny spaceship, she recognized the lifeforms from her own adventures within that realm. When Earth had chosen an ambassador, Windblade attended the ceremony to commemorate Earth's joining the Council of Worlds. Runner-Up: Brian Winner It kills us inside that we weren’t able to give runner-up HAIRRY award winner Brian Winner first place. There, he encountered Arcee and the recently arrived ; crew member Acroyear joined the fight and drew the attention of the three Cybertronians. Solis said that the secret to this great hair is “A little TLC and genetics. However, years of neglect had rendered Navitas all but senile, forcing Windblade to take drastic action

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