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Traditionally, the materials used in braids have depended on the indigenous plants and animals available in the local area. Mathematically, a braid with that property is called a Brunnian braid. gallery featuring , buns, updos for long, medium, and short hair. The braid may be used in addition to a foil jacket to increase shielding and durability. Braiding is also used to prepare horses' manes and tails for showing such as in polo and polocrosse. Another use is for litz wire which uses braids of thin insulated wires to carry high frequency signals with much lower losses from skin effect or to minimise proximity effect in transformers. A common example of this may be found connecting a car battery's negative terminal to the metal chassis. Older children watch and learn from them, start practicing on younger children, and eventually learn the traditional designs. A property of the basic braid is that removing one strand unlinks the other two, as they are not twisted around each other.

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These are often found in alluvial fans at the outlet of canyons. This is a result of heavy sediment deposition at high flows followed by re-erosion at low flows When you're getting ready for school in the morning, you want a that's simple enough to do quickly but. The numerous smaller wires comprising the braid are much more resistant to breaking under repeated motion and vibration than is a cable of larger wires. These ropes consist of one or more concentric tubular braided jackets surrounding either several small twisted fibre cords, or a single untwisted yarn of straight fibres, and are known as Kernmantle ropes. This article needs additional citations for verification. In electrical and electronic cables, is a tubular sheath made of braided strands of metal placed around a central cable for shielding against electromagnetic interference. Materials that are used in braids can vary depending on local materials. Complex braids have been used to create hanging fibre artworks. In many African tribes hairstyles are unique and used to identify each tribe. This carries on a tradition of bonding between elders and the new generation. More complex braids can be constructed from an arbitrary number of strands to create a wider range of structures. For the nomadic peoples of Africa, India, North and South America, and the Middle East, braiding was a practical means of producing useful and decorative textiles. Acnl hairstyle. In the Americas, the braiding of leather is also common. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. At a glance, one individual could distinguish a wealth of information about another, whether they were married, mourning, or of age for courtship, simply by observing their hairstyle. When the Industrial Revolution arrived, mechanized braiding equipment was invented to increase production. Other styles informed others of an individual’s status in society.

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Because of the time it takes to braid hair, people have often taken time to socialize while braiding and having their hair braided. For instance, South Americans used the very fine fibers from the wool of alpaca and llama, while North American people made use of bison fibers. Throughout the world, vegetable fibers such as grass, nettle, and hemp have been used to create braids. Braid patterns or hairstyles can be an indication of a person’s community, age, marital status, wealth, power, social position, and religion. Another sample of a different origin was traced back to a burial site called Saqqara located on the Nile River, during the first dynasty of Pharaoh Menes. Braiding is also used for fibres for composite reinforcements. African people such as the Himba people of Namibia have been braiding their hair for centuries. Pipes for domestic plumbing are often covered with stainless steel braid. In some regions, a braid was a means of communication.

In more recent times it has been used to create a covering for fuel pipes in jet aircraft and ships, first using glass fibre, then stainless steel and Kevlar

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