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Sarah Maingot For this style, the longer your hair, the better.

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Next, pull one braid up over your head and bobby-pin it an inch back from your hairline. Repeat on the opposite side, positioning the second braid behind the first. Goddess hairstyle.

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If you’re keeping your hairstyle simple feel free to be a little more daring with your makeup. Instead, Abergel suggests you begin braiding just above the ear. Cute anime girl hairstyle. Repeat, incorporating hair from one section into the other until you run out of hair; then secure with another clear elastic. For help anytime, click the blue "Help" button in the left panel -- there's also a customer service department ready to assist you. "It will look more authentic and hand-done," Abergel says. At least a week before the event try on your outfit, fix your hair and do your makeup to see how the ensemble looks when everything is pulled together. One word of wisdom: "This look won't work if you hair isn't longer than your shoulder blades," he says. Watch this video for a refresher on how to French-braid hair. Use a head-and-shoulders snapshot, looking directly toward the camera, with your hair pulled all the way back, and ears revealed -- this way you can test hairstyles & haircuts of any type! Be sure your picture is clear, focused and well-lit. Gather your remaining hair at the nape of your neck.

French braid from one side of your part to the other, working all the way along the hairline to behind the opposite ear. For a more bohemian effect, gently pull the braid apart with your fingers. Your coloration can make a huge difference in how makeup hues appear. areth Davies/Getty Images The Peekaboo Braid WHY IT WORKS "The duality in textures is stunning," Abergel says of Mary-Kate Olsen's nearly hidden plait. Choppy emo hairstyle. But deciding which makeup goes best with a certain hairstyle isn’t always easy.Professional stylists spend years testing out different hair and makeup combos before learning which ones work best together. ET: The Associated Press reports that the mandatory haircuts may be an unfounded rumor Gareth Cattermole/Getty Image The Fishtail Braid WHY IT WORKS "I love the softness of the sweeping hair across the head," says celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel of Diane Kruger's look.

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Secure your hair tightly at the back of your head just above ear level, then braid down to the bottom of your ear lobe

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