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Regardless of your face shape or skin tone this hairstyle look cute to any woman. For her dress is excellent in a way the sleeve is baggy and large as a wing for anyone wearing this way is a must look decent. With such color added to your natural hair, you apply few makeup and you’re already looking great. Push some hairs at the front behind your ears on the left hand side to avoid putting off hair off your forehead now and then in it covers you suddenly. You African American women out there would think that wearing such hairstyle is only for public figures, that’s not the case you too in your own capacity can pull it can look fabulous. Cruel hairstyle. Move rollers of your hair when it’s dry, apply hair product on scalp on small quantities using your fingers. This African American young lady is round faced, with fat cheeks and finds pride in relaxing her natural hair to medium length. For this point hair has to have more volume compared to other sections because it has to be raised up for a bob shape. This medium hairstyle for black women up here defines any young woman out there; it can be made on natural hair and on weave. Push front hair at back of ears to avoid covering you up and draw a line on the start of one of the sides then hair at the back made going backwards for a decent finish. Make your hair super hot when you apply setting lotion after washing it, to apply rollers and sit under drier for hair to dry. Finish off with hairspray to moisturize your hair and to keep it looking fresh all time. BEST MEDIUM HAIRSTYLE HEART FACES BLACK WOMEN Look cute with medium hairstyle for heart faces with women from twenties, thirties, forties and fifties when you add few blonde highlights to your natural hair pushed with waves. On a clean scalp you make cornrows that cover your whole head, right on top of cornrows up add the blonde curly weave using sowing braid threads colored as your hair.

But for those women with long faces, oval, square and heart faces this hairstyle curves better. As you take a close look to this hairstyle, hair at the crown going towards the back of neck was reserved in natural black and for hairs on the sides a few inches off the crown and at the front part blonde color was added to spice her looks. You will have to take a visit at saloon to have a wash of your hair then set it with rollers to dry. BEST MEDIUM BROWN HAIRSTYLE BLACK WOMEN African American women are known to lead wearing fashionable outfits that makes look nowhere else if you’re looking for a spouse on black and white men. So, if you are not sure about the haircut you can try wig first.Short Hairstyles for Square FacesThe shape of your face plays a big role while choosing a short hairstyle, once you flatter your square face with the right haircut, you will look younger and glamorous. This hairstyle can be done on natural hair, on weave or applying human wig for the better. So this African American in the pic fell for medium length bob weave that features mostly in neutral black then embedded within brown highlights to make it colorful. On first application of the weave it seems dry for you to make it smooth and easier for you to comb it requires you to apply hairspray. Add a hairspray to make it soft and on the scalp for oiling then apply a small comb to make your hair. Still on the right hand side particularly hair at the front she pulled above the eye touching the cheeks for a trendier look. To the right, Hunter represents hair in its unfallen, natural-ish state.Photo: By L. On one of the sides pull bangs on the side of eye touching cheeks the finish hair looking on the same side.

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So hair at the back is pulled with waves and for waves to lock in for long you set it as you treat your natural hair occasionally. Complete your hairstyle with craft earrings or beads and colorful outfits let’s say shoulders tube tops or dresses for a trendy woman. At the front hair is pushed behind ears and looking straight.  You can as well apply some little serum / gel in your hands and apply it gently in your hair, this will make it look shinny and it will also give it a thick volume.Short Hairstyles for Square Faces Gray HairA messy / vintage pixie can look good with grey hair. Let’s move together for a solution that will leave you at peace. She combined the looks below with straight medium length natural hair that is colored brown all over. You can either apply a big bristled comb on hair below or just spread it around with your fingers and you’re done Full ScreenAn Illustrated History of Donald Trump’s Hair. Apply hairspray on large amounts since hair has volume for purposes of making hair smooth and easy to comb. Proceed fixing other pieces in black only but when you reach towards the eyes on the right hand side place long hair piece covering up to the back of ears for purposes of hair coming out longer to touch shoulders and should be styled looking in wards. The rest of hair is done with cornrows and later weave joined on top. Get a big toothed comb to push hair straight first then with a small bristled comb push waves from ears to shoulders. This hairstyle can be done on your natural hair if it has volume and long up to shoulders.

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For hair below on left hand side let it be straight and looking inwards but for hairs at the back of neck push it down wards to look fashionable. When it comes to choosing a colored wig, you have to be sure that the color complements your skin tone.Fine Short Hairstyle For Square Face Shapes. However, to have such a hairstyle, you need to cut your long hair so that it stops just below the chin and then condition it for a new straight hairstyle

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