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Brainwash and His Army of De-Capitalists! Library office on the lower level, with the Steamer Trunk. Down the hall of this area leads to a ramp to the bottom Residenial area rooms and Dr. If this ending is taken and the young Synth is taken with them, the Sole Survivor will receive a holodisk recorded by Father after being interacted with. Astoundingly Awesome Tales Video Locations Each issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales will give a differerent bonus perks, usually extra damage or defense towards a certain type of enemy, or using a certian weapon. There are tables with junk items that can be stolen, but doing so will provoke the Dwellers to attack you. There is a variety of items you can steal, but do so at your own risk. His feelings about the Institute as the future and last hope of humanity are mildly fanatical; he possesses an irrational fear of the surface and the potential threats of the Commonwealth to the Institute. Basement server room, on the terminal desk, north wall. Nigerian hairstyle. Each of the rooms contain various junk, health, and ammo items that can be stolen, but doing so will provoke the entire floor of security towards your position. Kellogg then promptly shot and killed the parent holding Shaun, leaving the other in cryogenic suspension and terminating the life support of the other frozen Vault participants. There is a pathway on section of the bottom floor that leads to Katy's Classroom and Residential rooms.

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Books and magazines are found all over the Commonwealth, and are divided into different types of skill books - some of which add to a certain perk, and others that unlock different things for each issue found. Shaun was then raised by the Institute as one of their own, later nicknamed "Father" for his role in providing the DNA required to complete the third generation synths. Should the Sole Survivor, during the quest Nuclear Family, tell them that they don't believe that they can take his place, Shaun encourages them to create their own place rather than follow in his footsteps. New opportunities will lift you to the next level, don’t miss this chance! Given as a reward by Katy the teacher for completing Miscellaneous Quest: Short Stories in the Classroom. Certain dialogue options between the Sole Survivor and their spouse reveals that Shaun was conceived after the two had sex at a park. The only survivor was a modified Handy robot named Curie, who continued her work on cultivating cures based on the pathogens raised in the molerats - but was unable to leave her lab. Unlocks ability to control spotlights using a terminal. On the top floor of the main race building In a security locker area near some stairs In a red traincar at the Raider base under attack In the partially flooded office next to the submerged turbine In an open locker past two traincars that must be aligned by switchesU.S. No worries – you won’t be asked to pay, we offer only free mods without any limitations and restrictions Once obtained and "read", the perk bonus is instant, at which point you can either dispose of or sell the book, or place it on a collectible rack that you can build at any settlement. Hairstyle after chemotherapy. Manta man On the shack closest to the river, with the lantern on the wooden floor near the mattress. By opening up your Pip Boy at the entrance, you can initiate a conversation with Officer Edwards and the Overseer through the comlink.

Diamond City is now permanently marked on your map.

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However, Shaun does not require the rest of the Institute to adhere to his personal beliefs.


He refers to the "incident" as "collateral damage" which potentially angers the Sole Survivor, though Shaun does offer that he has had his whole life to come to terms with that information. A copy of "You're SPECIAL!" can be found in Shaun's room before and after the war lying next to his crib. Unlocks ability to control turrets using a terminal

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