Hairstyle for fat face

As you take a close look to this hairstyle, hair at the crown going towards the back of neck was reserved in natural black and for hairs on the sides a few inches off the crown and at the front part blonde color was added to spice her looks. From the start of start of the right hand side push hair going left around the mid section then below push it straight going forward , at the ends push hair inwards towards the neck. If you’re the type of woman who feels you wouldn’t cut your hair even an inch, then at the front part where the bang is pushed, you apply a short hairpiece looking exactly your natural hair cut above eyes to cover the upper part of your face for the same goals. Use a big bristled comb to make your hair leaving it with wild waves that make everyone crazy upon looking at you. Apply hair product on the scalp and complete with hairspray to keep it smooth and moisturized for a healthy look. You will have the best looks ever when you make a bold brown color feature below like one and half inches and for the rest of hairs below ears filling a wide part. Proceed fixing other pieces in black only but when you reach towards the eyes on the right hand side place long hair piece covering up to the back of ears for purposes of hair coming out longer to touch shoulders and should be styled looking in wards. Cover your hair when showering and at sleep for convenience. Apply long beaded earrings in white if your outfit has white color to blend perfect. Get a big toothed comb to push hair straight first then with a small bristled comb push waves from ears to shoulders. And when you upload, remember that you can add multiple versions of yourself! Q. When you remove rollers you don’t comb waves off but pin hair within to fix these waves. In case you apply a medium wavy weave, you make cornrow first on your natural hair then join the weave on top of your natural hair using braiding threads in the same colors. I have seen her pulling curly hair, straight hair, wavy on blonde and other interesting colored hair. Continue combing the ponytail straight going downwards to look neat and at the center of the ponytail, tie around a small hair piece done in to boxes and make it tight by stitching it with black threads too to look better. This hairstyle can be done on natural hair, on weave or applying human wig for the better. Complete your hairstyle with craft earrings or beads and colorful outfits let’s say shoulders tube tops or dresses for a trendy woman. For cases where you know exactly which particular color that blends with you then you work closely with your hair professional for positive results. You go ahead and take a rinse of your hair with particular shampoo meant for your hair. Asymmetrical bob hairstyle. All hair will be set on rollers like natural hair, product added on scalp to oil it then when rollers are put off add hairspray to your hair to keep it looking vibrant. If your natural hair isn’t long enough for one can apply curly piece from ears to the shoulders. For hair on the left hand side hair on top is short by a few inches and pointing to the sides than hair under that goes through to the shoulders and is made with its ends looking inward. Three years later, beauty, trends change hair color is very diverse. On the left hand side hair is pushed straight going down and at the very point where this side starts your natural hair will sit on top of weave. For the rest of hair on the same side, push it straight going down. Among the hair designs that is pulled with this hair is to divide hair into two sections at the center. In one way all another all these hairstyles look great. Only the upper part that short straight hair is applied on small comb. Part of your natural hair is left out especially at the front part of one of the sides and part of hair at the crown for cases of covering the weave which makes it hard to tell whether it’s your natural hair or weave. She you see queen Latifah , she seems to be in her thirties to forties but what keeps her looks charming is to wear hairstyles that blend with her plus size and skin complexion. BEST MEDIUM HAIRSTYLE NATURAL STRAIGHT BLACK WOMEN They’re those black women out there that fall for medium straight hair and want to make it in the easiest way to look awesome. For cases where your natural hair has been relaxed, and applied with blonde, all hair is washed clean and using big rollers ,small amounts of hair is picked rolled over and secured with small pin. For the back of neck she put very short pieces and went on increasing length going upwards.

Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Fat Faces – Short.

Hair of the left hand side is pushed straight up to ear length and pinned within. As the weave is fixed it looks in ward, on the left hand side she placed it straight up to below ears cut leveled leaving out few hairs pointing to the neck. BEST MEDIUM WAVY HAIRSTYLE WITH HIGHLIGHTS BLACK WOMEN Black women look incredibly cute with your natural hair relaxed with chemicals, because it’s hard for black hair to be this smooth unless treated.

Just select "Save to Favs" in the lower left panel. BEST MEDIUM HAIRSTYLE HEART FACES BLACK WOMEN Look cute with medium hairstyle for heart faces with women from twenties, thirties, forties and fifties when you add few blonde highlights to your natural hair pushed with waves

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