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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Polished Pony Apply a smoothing product to damp hair and blow-dry, using a round brush. Pair this cut with an edgy, well-tailored wardrobe to keep elements of modernity in your overall style. The bonus is that research and consumer reviews also tell manufacturers which products are in-demand so they’ll be easier to find in the future.Research the Latest Hair and Makeup TrendsInstead of reinventing the wheel, you can reinvent a look that was put together by a high-end stylist. It's still long enough to scrape back into a topknot but so long it feels like you're wearing a hair scarf during the sweltering summer days.

Undercut hairstyle receding hairline. While the lob still reigns supreme as the trendiest hairstyle, Julianne Hough’s recent debut of this much more layered version might have shag styles poised to be next year’s “it” cut. With a heavy bang the same length as the shortest layer on top, this blonde cut creates a silhouette that can help balance out a square jaw. Just comb through a load of shine serum or cream and comb through for "the ultimate beach look." Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Round It Out If you consider bowl cuts were the thing of childhood #tbt, then it might be time to give them another shot. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Pretty Waves Create beachy waves by spritzing a texturizing spray all over towel-dried hair, then letting it air dry. Cascading Half Updo Tie your hair back, literally, with this cute knotted style.

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It’s a great choice for women who value bold style over more simple, classic hair silhouettes. Push the top elastic forward toward your forehead to create a little volume at the front. Straighten your bangs, and pin back one side of your hair with a cute clip. A thick-haired woman’s dream come true, this style features heavy bangs that take a lot of hair to pull off, while the rest of hair is cut in three distinct layers that eliminate heaviness and bulk. Sarah Maingot Side French Braid This style works even for short lengths. Keep in mind that unlike a more traditional long style, the shorter layers make this less low maintenance when it comes to quick updo styles like ponytails and buns.

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Like other long bobs, you can wear this haircut in a half updo on days when you’re short on styling time. “But you can easily re-create it with regular braids,” says Isabel Guillen, a stylist and braiding expert with the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman, in New York City, who designed the styles in this story. Lisa Rinna is such a big fan of this shaggy bob look that she’s worn the same style for close to twenty years! This retro-inspired style is a great option for middle aged women who are looking for a new haircut that’s longer than a pixie but shorter than their current style. This shoulder-grazing haircut is full of layers throughout, including in the bangs, giving it an extremely shaggy look. A super popular cut right now, this long bob uses textured ends rather than outright layers to create slightly roughened edges.

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Combining the ease and wearability of a bob with heavily textured cutting, this shag haircut is modern and incredibly flattering. Last, unclip and twist the two pieces by your temples

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