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Jarhead hairstyle. See how to get it: To get Anna Faris' hairstyle, apply a defrizzing serum, like Moroccan Oil, to damp hair. Part your bangs down the middle and scatter them to either side. This haircut was nominated for the Behind the Chair Awards "Haircut of the Year" and I also won a Hairbrained shootout with this image. Diy bun hairstyle. Twist the barrel in different directions to get a haphazard feel. See More Katie Holmes Hairstyles Lea Michele Brunette Hairstyle with Highlights and Bangs Lea Michele's hairstyle looks so sophisticated on naturally wavy hair. Pull out a face-framing tendril or two opposite your bangs.

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The Hairstyle Generator includes a photo editor to touch up your picture; the adjustment controls at the bottom lets you fine-tune the positioning when needed. Use a round brush to blow dry your bangs, and spritz hair with shine spray to add the finishing touch.

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Steal her look: Apply volumizing mousse to damp hair from roots to ends and blow dry with a vent brush for fullness and straightness. Wind the tail into a bun and anchor it with bobby pins. Kerry Washington's Medium, Wavy, Tousled Hairstyle with Bangs Kerry Washington's Medium, Wavy, Tousled, Hairstyle with Bangs is a polished way to style loose waves. Once your hair is dry, apply heat-protectant product to hair and run a flat iron over your bangs to straighten them. Finger comb through your waves to loosen them up, and mist them with lightweight hairspray to finish. Apply a bit of styling wax to your fingertips, and use them to piece out your ends. Use a round brush to blow dry hair straight, and use a paddle or vent brush to blow dry your bangs straight. Wrap large sections of hair loosely around the barrel for up to a minute. Once it's dry, boost waves by twirling large sections around a curling iron Practically kind, from conservative to wild, from red carpet to punk! Both Women and Men can select any combination of long, medium or short lengths, in straight, curly or wavy textures. Next, loosely wrap random sections of your hair around a styling wand. Use a head-and-shoulders picture, looking directly at the camera, with your hair tied back from your face, and ears uncovered -- this way you can try on any type of hairstyle! Make sure your snapshot is clear, focused and well-lit. Half cut hairstyle. Steal her style: Apply volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow dry using a round brush.

Dry your bangs up and away from your face for more volume. Emma Watson Wavy, Romantic Hairstyle Emma Watson's soft curls look so smooth and sexy. See how to get it: To get Rashida Jones' hairstyle, mist damp hair with texturizing spray and blow dry using a diffuser to bring out your natural waves. See More Nicole Richie Hairstyles Monica Potter Medium-Length, Wavy, Party Hairstyle Monica Potter's super bouncy, wavy style is the perfect party 'do. Shaved side long hairstyle. Finger comb hair to loosen, lift and separate curls, which will add volume and softness to your style. See More Anna Faris Hairstyles Tyra Banks Medium, Romantic, Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs Tyra Banks' Medium, Romantic, Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs is a sexy look for medium-length hair. It works for all types of styles for both men and women.

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