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This cut is also best for women without kinky, curly hair, says celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler in Glamour Magazine. Thus, these braded dookies braids will create style on your face and make you something special among your friends. Someone with a long face like me would look like Mrs. And it's been a really long time since I had long hair, five years. Note how the hair falls like a curtain on the sides of actress Dakota Fanning's face. This allows the hair to fall in a curtain on either side of the face, in effect "hiding" the roundness of the face. Now for the best African American braided hairstyles for Teenagers that  look exclusively stunning check with this hairstyle in front of you.

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Hairstyle for medium hair boys. Typically short hair is not advised on a round face, but in some cases it can be gorgeous. Photo by Melodie Jeng/Getty Images Long hair worn down like a curtain framing the face is flattering on round face shapes because the hair camouflages the roundness of the face. This braided hairstyle looks perfect with back -less outfits, tube tops, mini dresses and shorts among others and look hot to many teenagers. Getty Images Many older women wear their hair short. Best African American Braided Mohawk Hairstyles Mohawk hairstyles are the latest hairstyles for women that tell how the hair industry grows to great heights second or minutes that pass by.Other women try Mohawk hairstyles on long braids, medium length hairstyles or even short hairstyles at leisure. Sweep about three-quarters of your hair into a low pony over your right shoulder, leaving the remaining hair to fall over it. Keep the sides long enough to run your fingers through them, and the top long enough to brush upward into a 'hawk. Bohemian braid hairstyle. Getty: Paul Archuleta, Mike Pont, Ben Gabbe Wavy hair is gorgeous worn long. Photo by Alfie Goodrich/Getty Images This type of hairstyle is usually a no-no for round faces, but I think this cut works on her. I have examples of great updos throughout this gallery, so keep clicking and reading. This would look especially cute if your hair is wavy.

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You can either style  it using  small cornrows half of the front section then add a curly black extension that reach the bust or fall over the back. hair is divided into sections to form a flower shape braided in pencil lines then finished with small boxes  that touch the shoulders. Instead, try longer cornrows, twists, or dreads that go past your jaw. These hairstyle looks good to any face shape and all skin types for parties, formal purposes for an elegant look.

The most unique thing about dookies braid hairstyle is their effortlessness bound with a show-stopper nature. Stone's layers are blended in so well that you can't tell there are layers. And when you upload, remember that you can add multiple versions of yourself! Q. A brush up or something short and spikey would also work. These braids are not only showing unique style but also the color applied over them prominent them than before. You know why cause theres nothing wrong with looking good, So tell that barber to leave a little more in the back, like he should. Carry on braiding while, adding section only from each side of the face. Mara told Kelly Ripa on Live With Kelly and Michael, “I got one sort of negative thing said to me. Mullet hairstyle. Wilson/Getty Images for Burberry This is a gorgeous, yet simple hairstyle on women with naturally thick, yet straight hair. Avoid styles that add volume to the top of your head. Hairstyle clip art free

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