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Vintage hairstyle book. Top your gentleman with trucker hats, beanies and fedoras. The accessories are where the fun really gets started though! You can design a custom pair of eye glasses or shades. I'm happy to present the Hipster Maker, I do believe my first modern fashion male dress up game.

The layering is quite complex, allowing you to fold dress shirt collars over sweaters, and sweater trim over jean jackets. Doll Divine David Kawena The art David made for me was beyond gorgeous, but the sets were a but too, well, set-like to do any good matching. Decorate the neck with bowties, bolo ties, or classic ties. The show selection includes boots, oxfords, sandals, sneakers and boat shoes. You can create the boyfriend of your dreams, or recreate the fashionable men in your life, or on screen. And you might say, "But Ola, there's already some amazing Hipster dress ups out there." And you would be right. The complex genetics from the prince are all there, as are all the beautiful hairstyles, but now with a bit more facial hair and classic hipster moustaches. There is a very extensive tattoo parlour, where you can completely cover your guy with american traditional tattoos. Most of the tats, plus some fonts and other assets were purchased from the most helpful Creative Market. You can even layer an aztec print pocket on top of a low V neck t-shirt. You can layer up to four chic necklaces, bracelets and even pierce his ears with gauges. Once you're done drag and dropping him a coffee cup and skateboard, click on the Check Mark to move to the backgrounds menu. But I noticed on some of his sketches he had this vision of a most handsome, hip guy.

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