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I had not had a good haircut in a long long time and my dad and Bob are friends so my dad suggested I go see him at Maxine's. Aaron listens to what you want, always takes his time & makes sure you're happy in the end. I always take her advice and I am thrilled with the results. I had no knowledge of any good colorist but just did a google search for the "best colorists in Chicago" and Maxine's popped. Diana has colored my hair for years as well and I have ALWAYS been thrilled - I have been a brunette with highlights and now I am a multi- dimensional blond as I am going grey/white. I had felt unhappy with my experience at this salon for a few reasons. I never thought I could have such naturally sunkissed hair since I am a natural brunette. Even some of the more serious Spencer/Hill films have gotten this treatment when they were re-released. I wanted to have my hair done for my Chicago elopement, and I chose this salon because of the rave reviews. Rex gave me terrific pastel blond foil highlights and Adrienne did a very nice medium length, layered bob cut.

Oval Face Hairstyles: Jennifer Aniston and More Celebs

On the reviews that complain about the prices of the services at this salon. Cheryl gave me an excellent haircut; just the style I wanted, making it easy to blowdry while keeping the length pretty close to where I ultimately want to be. “Well, the soap opera won,” Dustin boomed as he walked in, anticipating their disdain. As she shampooed me - yep, she did it herself! - and gave me the conditioner, we chatted about how I ended up at the salon and got to know each other better. If I ever desire a very short hair style, I'm going to trust him with the scissors! He didn't mind going back in and snipping wherever I thought it needed it to make it look the way I wanted. I have faithfully followed him to Maxine and thank goodness because every time I come for an appointment I feel spoiled! Through Aaron I got hit twice by the hair gods and met Brittany. Rex and Evan are my go to team! But anyone I have worked with is great. I was lucky enough to have Bob-he did an outstanding job assessing the current condition of my hair, shampooing and conditioning thoroughly, cutting my hair exactly the way I requested, teaching me helpful styling techniques, and providing an overall enjoyable and relaxing experience. The price of a blow-out is higher than that of many of the neighboring blow-out bars, but shelling out a little more at Maxine's is well worth it to me. He is, as described, a great listener and minded the difficult cowlicks that I have to deal with, which was a relief to me. I was really happy with the cut I got; upon my next visit I would probably revisit styling options. Everyone liked the idea of a spiritual sequel to The Graduate, which meant that the one and only choice for Ted Kramer was Dustin Hoffman. His protagonist was Ted Kramer, a thirtysomething workaholic New Yorker who sells ad space for men’s magazines. I am extremely satisfied with every style she has ever lived thru with me and I give her my utmost respect! completely trusting someone with your hair says a lot!! Jaime is the Best! I have had my brows and lip waxed as needed, but I have been terrified of bikini waxes for ten years. I am a redhead and I will admit, I have never had better hair color since going to Blue. The bad news is that I tried Maxine for a cut, twice. The irony of my Maxine snobbiness is that the people who work there are anything but! You'd figure that the location and quality of the work would make you feel like Julia Roberts when she walks into the bitchy dress store in Pretty Woman.but absoultely no. The second place accidentally dyed my hair black and mismatched my roots. A regular feature on in the "Newsreel" game, usually done by Hugh Dennis, although Rory Bremner was mainly featured in the first two series because of his professional impressionist abilities. She's very good at making you feel very comfortable in that often akward situation. Stacey is very sweet and fixed it no questions asked. I would suggest that when you go Aaron, you follow his suggestions and advice--he sometimes takes me a little "outside of my box," but always in a good way. As soon as I walked into Maxine I knew this would be a different experience. I am a wimp, but Jaime's style and demeanor make this necessary beauty treatment almost seem like pampering.

I went back to Maxine during a birthday trip to Chicago. Cliff hairstyle. Punk hairstyle for men. EXAMPLE OF A HAIR MAGICIAN: Bob Gartlan! He really does have the ability to make you look like a movie star. Keratin pricing is only a little more than what I paid when I lived in a significantly less expensive part of the country. These differences were gradually toned down over the course of the series; the second half of the series and the Requiem film are much more in-line with the Japanese version

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