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Blige showed off her new sexy short, stylish hair style when she co-hosted the Tenth Annual Gala for Niche Media’s Gotham Magazine at Chinatown’s Capitale in New York.As the cover girl for the November issue of Gotham Magazine, Mary J. This style has an off-center parting which gives an asymmetric sweep of thick, shiny hair over the forehead creating a smoothly angled fringe. However, this hairstyle looks best on the women who have inverted triangle, or long face shape and medium to thick straight hair type. This trendy and sophisticated bowl-cut recreates a red-hot high fashion style made popular by Rihanna – but with an avant-garde twist! This haircut shown here has a unique twist in the sharp feathered side-points, cut further forward than usual to hang below the main cutting line. These braids are not only showing unique style but also the color applied over them prominent them than before. Hence, to give you attractive and trendy look this long hair braids will completely change your look because the dookies braids are supper trendy and it show you something more. The fur is cut to be about a half an inch long and the hair on the face is shaped to achieve roundness. The hair type should be thick and coiled for this hairstyle.  Best African American Colored Braided Hairstyles Ladies with oval faces have quite a no of hairstyles that look perfect on their face shapes but for black braided hairstyle you need to be particular at what exactly you need to achieve depending on the length of hair you want. The hair on the face is shaped for roundness but a few strands can be left long on top to make ponytails. You can plaint neat cornrows in small sections starting from the front to the back then put it together to create a puff with braided hair extensions circular wise behind the ears. Roll over the rest of the hair at the back  circular wise with perfect finishing  that doesn’t show where it ends to look neater.  For bridesmaid you need to look cute too however not reaching to the heights of your bride. At the end take side part hair in front of your shoulder to show how much beautify style you have. It’s a happy braiding time! No more boring styles, and no more boring complements! Be ready to show yourself that how much stylish you are and you have so many styles to do. Besides causing discomfort to your pet, a long fur coat can become a hassle to the owner. Filled front part with small clean braid techniques. It’s recommended to straight your hair after making your inward braid. It is important to consider the various aspects of your appearance, including hairstyle as well as clothing and makeup. FringesThere are lots of different types and styles of fringes and trying to find the style that suits you best can sometimes be hard Cut to one length with textured ends the style has attractive wispy ends.Adrianne is a sporty young woman, who likes fairly natural and versatile hairstyles. Hairstyle with flat iron. You can wash it after like two weeks and more depending on how you feel or when buildup has forms up. Here are some awesome ideas on inverted bobs, which will be inspiring if you’re after a low-maintenance, yet modern haircut Long graduated bob hairstyle – the dark lob haircut Update: Today, I have added more cool bob cuts not only graduated bob cuts here, hope you love these looks: Red Blonde and Brown Highlights with an Inverted Bob. These creative cornrows will surely going to prominent you among crowd of people, it catches everyone eyes instantly and let them urge even to adopt this style as your wear. For the short black braided hairstyle for the bridesmaid particularly the one mentioned in this article is easy to plaint, easy to maintain  and  looks cute with all face types and works even after the great occasion for other destined purposes. Most Maltese dogs are not big fans of getting a haircut so you must be ready for a battle. And the subtle highlighting and defined strands create wonderful texture and movement within the beautiful outline!Side View of Bob Hairstyle – Great Short Cut for Thick Hair /pinterest This is a fabulous high-fashion cut for medium to thick hair. But when it comes to women with lighter skin tones, it goes beyond mere looking good to looks like a beauty queen. To add creativity to her hairstyle she plaited small cornrows from the front to middle of the crown following curves of her head then plaited further small box braids that touch  shoulders leaving the rest of the hair with waves falling to the bust  and drawn to the sides for a perfect look. Long hairstyles are beautiful, but do require a level of maintenance. These braids will great compliment a variety of face contours. These most cute and fun braided hairstyle will make you a cute lady. This to get that same look start braiding you’re in a triangular section on the top of the head. Short hairstyles are generally easier to maintain – there is less to wash, colour and style – but they are by no means restrictive. Leo hairstyle. And her casual bob is styled in attractive contrasting textures that keep her style relaxed and unfussy.This bob is cut in same-length layers, with a little extra shaping around the face to accentuate the eyes and lips. Apply pin at bottom so that it keeps your hair towards the back. The colour is really beautiful – no wonder rose-gold is currently the most popular blonde shade in Hollywood and beyond!As a former top model and now a Hollywood actress, Agyness is known for her constantly changing style. It’s a time for decent and sophisticated look! This is easy to carry everyday look that can be converted from work to after five attire and it look fabulous without any too much effort applied. Hairstyle top knot. This Short Braided hairstyle for brides is the perfect hairstyle that’s comfortable, convenient and pulls every feature of attraction around your forehead thus giving you the best view from the front and back.

50 Trendy Inverted Bob Haircuts - The Right Hairstyles

To complete this look straighten your hair section out in the back so that to make complete braid. Face shape and Hair Type for this hairstyle: The hairstyle will suit on the women who have long face shape and lighter skin tone with medium to coarse hair type. Layered cuts You need to be a real dog grooming guru in order to create good-looking layered cuts. The round bump at the back contrasts with the smoother styling at the sides which are finished in an almost ragged finish for contemporary edge. She showed a new sexy side in a tousled layered bob with dark roots and razor cut side swept bangs

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