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Traeh Nykia's step-by-step process to slicking down her TWA is genius! Check it out here.

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Traeh Nykia / Via Halo crowns are such an easy and beautiful go-to. EverythingEbonee / Via Twist-outs are the perfect way to stretch out short natural hair If you have arrived here in the interface of some other website or software company and would prefer to travel here directly, our address is Traeh Nykia / Via You can still pull your short natural into a low bun. Hairstyle pouf. Fake It 'Til You Make It 'Fro Puff TwinGodesses / Via But, if you do wanna wear a super big puff, just attach a curly textured ponytail piece.

Watch this how-to and try it out! Monique Lews / Via Adding in Marley or braiding hair is so easy. See how Monique does it in this Bantu knot tutorial. These Scary Spice-inspired buns with leave-out in the back are so cute. Hairstyle meanings. Stretch your hair first so you can work with more length. Natural Hair Rebel / Via Natural Hair Rebel's finger coils are POP. Jaelah O'Neil / Via You don't need a massive 'fro to rock a puff. Mona B.'s braided updo is great for everyday and fancy shindigs. Knotted Daisy Ponytail Braided Updo The Waterfall Braid Crossed Hawser Braids The Knotted Headband Double Braided Crown Headband A lovely bohemian look for any age is a short-hair style wizard! She made faux bangs and a bun using teal and black Marley hair. Watch Jaelah O'Neil's quick and easy tutorial here. Stretching your hair before twisting it will make things a lot easier. Keep it classic and simple with a wash 'n' go 'fro! Classcie shares her super-easy regimen to get the look. Check out her tutorial! @niahope / Via A slicked-down TWA works on just about every texture! The key is using a LOT of water and product. Girls hairstyle for short hair. Lisa ala mode / Via Edge up your tapered cut by adding in some clip-ins for more texture and fullness. Mini Marley / Via If you're good at twisting or braiding, try this style for a more intricate crown. Mayo uses three different-size rollers to catch all the pieces of her hair for this amazing heatless perm rod set.

Pretty Woman-esque hairstyle -

PIIIIINNNN'! The look is easy, but does require a little time. Bob cut hairstyle for round face.

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