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Ashley Greene Medium, Romantic, Brunette Hairstyle Ashley Greene's perfectly tousled waves look so gorgeous. Finger comb through your waves to loosen them, and mist all over with anti-humidity hairspray to finish. Curl the end of the twist and secure it with a bobby pin. Apply a heat-protectant shine cream, then use a hair straightener to define the sleekness. Then begin using a flat iron to wave sections of your hair, starting from the back. Steal her style: Apply volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow dry using a round brush. Put a dab of styling gel on your fingertips and use them to style your bangs. With this hairstyle, you’ll only have to wash your hair every few days. Next, pull back your side-swept hair with a pretty barrette right above your ear. Charlize Theron's Medium, Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs Charlize Theron's soft, jumbo waves work for most any hair type -- but they are a bit of a time sucker. Using a medium-sized round brush, flip bangs out toward one side. Take the top layer of the pony and pull it through the elastic. Remove rollers and finger comb gently to shape and place curls. Move the new strand to the middle and the middle strand to the right. To get Kerry Washington's hairstyle, apply a texturizing cream to damp hair then blow dry straight using a round brush or comb attachment. Kerry Washington's Medium, Wavy, Tousled Hairstyle with Bangs Kerry Washington's Medium, Wavy, Tousled, Hairstyle with Bangs is a polished way to style loose waves. Once all of your hair is done, rake through your waves using a wide-toothed comb. Loop the ponytail into a knot and secure in place with bobby pins. Open up a rectangular silk scarf and align the middle part with the back of your head. Put a small amount of hair wax on your fingertips and sweep bangs across your forehead and off to the side. Blow dry roots, building volume by pulling hair in the opposite direction you want it to end up. Finger comb through your waves to loosen them up, and mist them with lightweight hairspray to finish. Twist two strands from the bottom, back of your head upwards and pin it in place. Downton abbey hairstyle. Blow out your bangs with a fine-toothed comb as necessary. Hold your hair with one hand and with the other brush out any bumps so your pony looks sleek. To get the look: Start with a medium-length, layered cut. Use a curling iron on bangs to get them extra smooth. Steal her style: To get Christina Hendricks' hairstyle, part you hair down the center to begin. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and apply a nourishing oil, such as coconut or olive oil. Part your hair however you prefer, and divide it into four sections. Tuck in any of the scarf's loose ends to keep the 'do looking neat.

19 Short-to-Medium Cuts for Curly and Wavy Hair 2017.

Knot the two pieces of hair as if they were shoelaces to create two twists, one right below the other. See More Jessica Stroup Hairstyles Heidi Klum Sophisticated, Wavy Hairstyle Heidi Klum's blonde retro waves are a sultry option for medium to long hair. For help anytime, click the blue "Help" button in the left panel -- there's also a customer service department ready to assist you. Curly hair already has all the texture it needs to stand out, so you don't need to do much. You might even be able to get away with once weekly. For a carefree, just-got-out-of-bed look, go a few days without shampooing. Wet your hair in the morning and apply a leave-in conditioner while it’s still damp. See More Tyra Banks Hairstyles Carla Gugino Medium, Brunette Hairstyle with Bangs Carla Gugino's Medium, Brunette Hairstyle with Bangs is a sophisticated way to style your hair if you have bangs. Fluff your twists with your fingers or an afro comb. Dry your bangs up and away from your face for more volume. See how to get them: Apply texturizing mousse to damp hair and let it dry naturally. Great new styles of every kind are added on a regular basis! Q. Mist all over with anti-humidity hairspray to prevent frizz. This haircut was nominated for the Behind the Chair Awards "Haircut of the Year" and I also won a Hairbrained shootout with this image. Twist and pin the sides of your hair as you were doing in the back. Rub some styling wax between your fingers and piece out the ends of your hair for more movement. Apply texturizing product to the bottom half of damp hair and let it dry naturally.

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Blow dry your hair with your head upside down to add volume. Attach two or three strands of hair tinsel on either side of your head to add some sparkle

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