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Secure with a bobby pin.If desired, add some curls to the hair left out of the half pony.Spray everything with a light hold hairspray.Recommended Products: Try using a bit of texture cream to define the ends of your hair. Use a curling iron to create spirals before pinning them in place. Let long pieces escape from your pony, like Lucy Hale did. It's actually not complicated: All you need is hairspray, bobby pins, and pancaking abilities Dressed Up Pony Tendrils aren't just for chin-length layers. This look is interesting because it looks like a side-swept blow out from the front-the hidden ponytail is just your secret weapon.

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TBH, we're really digging the runway-inspired look.Instagram: @khloekardashianJulianne Hough's Pinterest-Inspired UpdoWe get a lot of ideas on Pinterest for breathtaking hair; evidently, so do celebrity hairstylists as Riawna Capri did for Hough's Dancing with the Stars updo. It’s gentler on your hair and will create a softer look. Then pull your hair up, pull some wisps out in the front, and boom. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Teased Topknot We love Hayden Panettiere's messy update on a basic ballerina bun. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below The Sidewinder Zoe Saldana's low, side bun is a must-try. Just tease your pony before pinning it into a bun to recreate the lead's I-didn't-even-try-to-look-this-good texture. Try El Net Hairspray by L’Oreal.Best Face Shape and Hair Type: If you have long hair that’s medium to thick, this is a great option for you. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Glam Side-Pony Start by using a one-inch curling iron to curl your hair away from your face. And you can breathe now: There were extensions involved.Getty ImagesMargot Robbie's Under-BraidParty in the back! The under-braid was one of the year's hottest looks, and Robbie absolutely nailed it. It’s way easier If you have a formal occasion coming up, you can’t go wrong with a half up hairstyle. An elegant updo gets a youthful update with thick, eye-grazing bangs. Secure with a bobby pin.Spray everything with a light hold hairspray.Recommended Products: Be sure to spray your hair with a heat protectant before you use any hot tools on it. Lupita is the queen of a good hair accessory and proves a little goes a long way to give a classic topknot a more statement-making look..Getty ImagesRooney Mara's Sculptural UpdoSculptural updos were a major trend at the Oscars this year, and hairstylist Adir Abergel's version on Rooney Mara was nothing short of amazing. Next, pin one-inch strands of the remaining hair around the mini-bun in various directions, weaving a few strands in and out of the other strands to create a layered effect. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below The Breezy Bun The secret to model Selita Ebanks' gorgeous 'do is to load your hair with texturing products to help it maintain a piecey, three-dimensional shape. Some considered them a faux pas, given that people typically try to hide the pins. The wispy tendrils and imperfect topknot are what keep this look from being too precious. Use it before and after you curl!Best Face Shape and Hair Type:If you have a square face shape, this look will complement you. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below The Low Loop Gather your hair at the nape of your neck for a timeless look like Anne Hathaway's. The girl's not afraid to take a hair risk, that's for sure.Getty ImagesYara Shahidi's Braided TopknotUpdo doesn't have to be a boring word. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Bling it On No need to burry your hair jewels in the back of your updo. With a style that has lots of volume at the crown, sweep your bangs across your forehead to give them that "I just had a naughty makeout" vibe. A middle part and loose ringlets make it feel even more fance These hairstyles would be great for middle school, high school, and college students, although any age could wear them Be sure to hide your hair tie!Spray everything with a strong hold hairspray.Recommended Products: For an editorial look like this you will need a strong hold hairspray to keep your hair in place all night. Jane fonda current hairstyle. This disheveled bun at Paris Fashion Week won our hearts for many reasons, but mainly because it looks so freakin' cute with her bangs. To get that fuzzy effect, celebrity hairstylist Cesar Ramirez pulled strands loose and misted them with shine spray. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below There's no rule that updos HAVE to have loose tendrils-Amy Adams is proof that sweeping all of your hair away from your face looks pretty and fresh

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