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You'll find that you get various results depending on what you start with. You can wrap a weft around the base and pin into place. All of these styles are perfect for showcasing natural hair at its best and most beautiful. In general, make sure your hair is completely dry and free of tangles before pinning it up or tying it back. Twists will probably puff up as they age and there's nothing wrong with that. Wavy hairstyle on Indian hairstyle for saree The most stylish hairstyle with side bangs. Get ready to see some natural hair at its finest and let Nedjetti give your tresses some TLC. Re-tuck any strands that you may have accidently loosened out of the headband completely.

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When the woman chooses for saree and that too with updo hairstyle which makes her look gorgeous. Now pin up those curly hair over your pony tail by making a bun like appearance. If you'd like length quickly, try incorporating some wefts into your strands. One is to use extensions to elongate the tail of your ponytail.

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The updo hairstyle is best always for every type of women, mostly the Indian women. By viewing them with beautiful hairstyles, even you will be eager to get the best combination of the hairstyle which will go with your image. With straight hair, the ends will unravel because they don't have anything to "grip" onto. The popular hairstyles we found in women who dress in saree are chignon hairstyle, long hairstyle, braided hairstyle, short hairstyle. If they're not even all the way down, you may run out of hair on one section and have to borrow from the other section. Position the front of the headband so that it either rests on the top of your forehead or an inch or two back on top of your hair. Even the hair style must suits in such a way that it ideally can be carried on with your image. Depending on your tension and whether your hair was wet or dry when you began to twist, your twists may be skinny or more puffy. Move the back portion of the headband wherever you want your tuck to be. © Nedjetti Short, Two Strand Twists Photographer: Kade Lam Makeup: Suzie Beauty. It also works to give straight hair texture to help styles stay in place longer. You may find a few needing re-twisting here and there, but they should hold up as an overall style that's protective, low maintenance and low-manipulation. Hairstyle on saree for elegant look The hairstyle is simple and side swept bang with loose hair. If I of hair gel, I use hairspray instead to make my hair stay in place. Here, we're working Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel through each section to provide a light, non-sticky hold. © Nedjetti Bantu Knots Photographer: Eric Von Lockhart Makeup: Daniel Green. The second way is by making two ponytails; a low one, and a higher one that falls over it. Women regularly tie a ponytail style while regular days in offices or at home. When you reach the end, hold the ends firmly between two fingers and gradually release the pressure so that the twist will loosen and settle on its own. Try this stylish hairstyle in golden and pink colored saree adds more beauty. It's up to you to choose the size of each twist section; just make sure they're as uniform as possible. Obviously, looking good is important to me, but I don't want to appear vain or proud just because I want to look nice It was created on freshly washed and conditioned natural hair without extensions. If your hair is straight and you want to add some volume to your ponytail or half-up style, use a curling iron to add some temporary waviness to your hair. This hairstyle with makeup and huge earrings is beautiful. Carefully lift the comb to pull the hair out slightly.

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The straight loose hair with a layered haircut makes her look awesome in green and maroon bordered saree. After creating the puff over the front portion of the head, deal with the ones that are right at the back. © Nedjetti Natural hair artist Nedjetti creates real hair art.

These parts don't need to be exact, but if you want to make them very neat around the front of your head, pull the comb out then. Taper hairstyle for men. It must be both tight enough to stay in place all day and loose enough for hair to be tucked into. Try this hairstyle for the wedding and on any other occasions

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