Hairstyle with maang tikka

Floral Mixed Braid I’m pretty sure this is not the newest idea in the book but that does not mean that it does not look cute. Chotli Braid Here comes one of the easiest hairstyles for long hair in Indian style. This will create those princess locks you see in the pic above. This simple yet chic hairdo is easy to tie and also has a great scope for accessorizing the Indian way. Moreover, this is a hairstyle for hair of any length. She has kept her makeup minimal to tone down her look. But when you make that decision to proud of you hair as it is then you will exude that energy and pride onto others. Daisy Braid This cutesy look is perfect for a picnic with friends. These brides have opted for different spectrums of the color wheel – and look beautiful wearing them. Beautiful hairstyle. Prep your washed, dried hair with some sea salt spray.

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Section away the top half of your hair and insert a big bumpit under it. Hairstyle for straight hair for men.

 It is what little girls try, when they first try tying a braid. It adds volume on top of your head, which in turn helps to perfectly hold up your ghungat. Her is a lovely mustard yellow, which she has paired with a purple studded blouse. Part your hair and pin it back on one side using bobby pins. Spiky hairstyle. This is a super cute and very simple curly hairstyle that will surely get heads turning in college. Her headdress and jewellery are very pretty, and her veil has been put in a different way – at the back of her head. Gently pull back the curls that you left in front and loosely pin them to the back of your head. Floral Curls That curly, messy look has already been done in an infinite number of versions. Windswept Waves Image: ShutterstockNow this look does not require any frills and fancies.

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Red Rose Bun This elegant look is a beautiful combination of Indian and Spanish styles, courtesy of the red roses incorporated in it

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