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He then informed his new ward that he would teach him everything he knew about swordsmanship. Iwambo then reveals himself to be not just a brainless fighter, but a man known as Gein, the puppet master. She seems similar in demeanor to Azusa, disliking when things do not go as planned. Retro hairstyle with bandana. Instead, he took her back to the house that he and his compatriots were operating out of. This caused her to hate the internet and drives her desire to protect Eri from it. Ozaki emailed Eri every day, asking her to debut as a real idol instead of a net idol, and eventually she built up the courage to meet her in person. Yayoi is the oldest of six siblings and always has to be the one to look after them, but also wishes that she had an "older brother" type around to look after her. Kenshin's hair is tied in two tails, which are flowing to make him look younger, but shorter, to be less androgynous.

His character image songs are "Alice or Guilty" and "Koi o Hajimeyou". This man, known as "Whale Mouth" is next seen with Enishi and blows up the Akabeko with an Armstrong Canon later that same night. Azusa has red eyes and long, dark blue hair which is parted in the middle. Kenshin follows where she went, where he is blinded, deafened, and beaten badly until he reaches the cabin with Tomoe. He returns to the site of the massacre with the intention of burying the bodies of everyone who died there. Though he is aware that Yahiko looks upon him as a hero, Kenshin insists that the boy learn Kamiya Kasshin-ryū from Kaoru rather than Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū and trusts the young shizōku to carry the ideals of "the sword that protects" into the new era. Her unusual style of speech makes it hard for the Producer to understand her, so much so that he writes down her phrases in a notebook along with their "translation." She is the only idol in the Cinderella Project to have debuted by herself and not get put into a unit. SciFi.com remarked "Kenshin's schizoid personal conflict between his ruthless-killer side and his country- bumpkin" as a perfect way to develop good stories. She doesn't have a lot of character development, despite that fact that during the idol's training camp, she was elected as the Cinderella Project's supervisor due to being the oldest idol. Ritsuko has shoulder-length brown hair, which she always keeps in two braided pigtails. Each idol also received a three-volume manga devoted to their individual story lines in the game. Similar to Gremlins, she dislikes sunlight, turns malicious when her hair ribbons are misplaced, multiplies herself whenever she comes into contact with water, creating a huge number of clones much to the others' chagrin, and becomes daemonic when fed after midnight. Azusa also wears a vanilla-colored skirt and brown shoes. Realizing his new foe wasn't just an ordinary enemy, and a formidable threat to his conquests, Shishio and the Juppongatana agreed on the arrangement of a series of duels at their hideout, the Shrine of the Six Tori on Mt. This becomes important in distinguishing between his male and female personas. In , Hibiki's Puchidol is called "Chibiki", who is very energetic and can summon strange animals to do her bidding, a power that goes haywhire when she cries, bringing forth dangerous monsters. It is the Stacey face sculpt that is used for Malibu Barbie. Later on, they have a son together, Kenji, who loves his mother and hates his father. She is almost always cheerful and optimistic, and is happy to have finally become an idol.

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As a teenager, Kenshin was impertinent, idealistic, and often easily embarrassed or flustered

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