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Beyond the health factor, there's a glamour bonus: Demiblond tortoiseshell frames pick up the highlights in Julia's hair, making her feel like an Italian movie star. Butterfly lenses, which are slightly wider at the bottom, give a pointed chin more of a buildup. THE "AFTER PAIR" Geometrically inclined glasses take the place of visible bone structure, sculpting Judiaann's face to look longer and slimmer. THE BEFORE PAIR Although oval types can do fine in subtly rounded frames, you don't want to go ultracircular. "I like big, jazzy, extravagant sunglasses," she admits. Fold three layers of cotton batting in half; align batting template's straight side with fold; pin, and cut out. People slather on sunscreen but forget that eyes also need shielding, Lochli-McGrath says. THE "BEFORE PAIR" The last thing Judiaann needs is more curves, says Lochli-McGrath-you never want glasses that echo and reinforce your core shape. And glasses are important-they're the first thing I reach for when I get up in the morning." Makeup alert: A strong prescription like Luz's tends to magnify the eyes, so go easy with mascara and shadow. They also stay secure on her hard-to-fit nose: On a flat bridge, Lochli-McGrath explains, specs slip down easily. This pair has adjustable nose pads on either side-tilt them up or down to find precisely the right angle. THE RIGHT SUNGLASSES Newly popular shields are genius for arming you against the sun, but you don't want to look as if you just schussed down a mountain. If you're on the computer a lot, Lochli-McGrath recommends lenses with an antireflective coating that eliminates glare and reduces eye stress. "It's amazing the difference you feel in your energy and confidence when you have a great pair of glasses," Maria says. "It's nice to go incognito." But they shouldn't be too much of a mask. THE RIGHT SUNGLASSES Shades are Judiaann's summer uniform. They are also too narrow for Luz; to set off her gorgeous bone structure, glasses should be at least as wide as the broadest part of her face. Dark sunglasses are essential for ocular health, says Lochli-McGrath, who also recommends a variety of pairs because some lenses are better suited to certain light conditions than others. One stylish way to do it is with decorative temples-here, they're tortoiseshell-that stand out from the main frame.

Black frames are way too dark for Julia's coloring, and their style is dated-not a good move for a hip young woman who works in the fashion industry. Drawing the focus up and out makes plump cheeks recede. These grannyish glasses are aging, not to mention just plain boring. To clarify where your face fits, try outlining it on the mirror with a washable marker or eye pencil. Once you know your type, you can reduce hundreds of optical possibilities to a few well-focused pairs.

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These frames are a departure for Luz: "They're definitely different," she says. Frequently described as classical or harmonious, this shape looks good in almost any glasses. Forget pale tints; you need dark lenses that cover the entire eye area and build in UVA/UVB protection. Lay pocket template on one folded fabric heart; cut on diagonal line A perfect guide for getting top-notch service from haircut salon near you Photo: Marc Royce If shopping for glasses leaves you cross-eyed, here's insight from experts: four makeovers that match frames to faces shape and take you from glasses-as-dull-as-necessity to the joy of specs.

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