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Himeno's two step sisters Mawata and Mayune fit both types of Ojous in. As most kings of Lodoss were born commoners , this puts her in the very highest circles of society. She goes to a private Catholic school and her dad's a big politician. With an added emphasis on helping out newer players, he is looking forward to bringing more content to the TES: Legends community : All of the girls attending Tokiwadai are called "ojou-sama" by pretty much everybody else. Ami Kawashima is perhaps more indicative of this trope. Tsukiko Okakura from is from a wealthy noble family, has a group of girls that follow her every step, and is a member of the school's Sakura Blossom Club, a club where girls from rich families go to have tea parties. Aeka and Sasami in both count, though Aeka comes to mind first. Nanoha's two friends Suzuka and Alisa are ridiculously rich. Also, three of Milly's friends are also Ojous to some degree. Eriko Tamura from is the daughter of the president of a large music company. The Violent Gang Safe Streets Task Force became the vehicle through which all of the federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies joined together to address the violent crime plaguing their communities You can watch all the Asian TV Drama Series & Film with subtitles subbed into many languages at Viki. : When Yuno and Miyako go to a shrine described as "wonderful" by their teacher, they encounter a Shinto priest who calls them "ojou-san". She isn't - she just has a small inheritance and plays up the image in order to get attention. Akiko Hashou from , who leans to the Ice Queen type. While the main characters are skanky and hedonistic angels who only care about satisfying their base desires, Scanty and Kneesocks are snobby and order-obsessed demons who take their evil duties quite seriously. Christine "Chris" Robbins from is the perfect example of a non-Japanese ojou. Kanade in is a rather clear example, complete with her own butler at school.

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In a throwaway phrase after she gets a Pactio from Negi, Kotaro mentions that Chizuru Naba is an Ojou as well. They soon discover that he calls even elderly women "ojou-san". At the beginning Umi was a Spoiled Brat type who went out of the way to make sure everyone knew it. Nanami in is one of the most over-the-top examples of the Spoiled Brat tyope, and does she flaunt it. Hairstyle descriptions.

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Several show up in , with the Nakiri cousins and Mito Ikumi getting the most screentime. Asuna Kujo from is a very timid young woman who is quite the Nice Girl, never ever getting angry even when she tries to.

The FBI is dedicated to disrupting and dismantling the most significant gangs through intelligence-driven investigations and new and longstanding initiatives and partnerships such as Safe Streets Task Forces, the National Gang Intelligence Center, and Transnational Anti-Gang Task Forces. She's the heiress to the currently largest individual clan in Konoha, and has a Big Fancy House. The all-girl Fujigaya high school from caters to students from wealthy families, which makes "normal" girl Akira feel out of place at times. She's laid-back, down to earth and is simply "one of the girls", not to mention a lot of fun. The image song of Tamaki Reika from is actually called "Super Ojou-sama". In , Enma Ai's assistants always address her as "ojou", but she isn't one. Midori from starts out as a queenly if not a bit snobbish rich girl on the volleyball team, but progresses into a better sort of ojou who's more on the "graceful and gracious" end. Oz's younger sister Ada can be an example of this as well. Her family is extremely wealthy, complete with a large estate and a Big Fancy House. An overseas version of this is Layla Hamilton from , as a perfect Ice Queen type. Many gang members continue to commit crimes even after being sent to jail. Ayato even lampshades that, given the current political climate, Claudia has a better social standing than Julis, who is an actual princess

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