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The exclusive two-percent club at Hillsboro High School, whose members called themselves that after the principal said the school was great except for "two percent who were wild." Green Hills also had a "real" motorcycle gang called the R.A.T.S. Downtown blossomed with music stores like Hewgleys, Roy Warden and Claude Street Piano. Fifties and Sixties brought new freedom to teens and cruisin' was a weekend tradition. just past East High, The Black Stallion, Bar B Cutie on Murfreesboro Rd. He then adjusted each president’s expected life expectancy to account for accelerated aging. Regulars on the show included Cyril Songbird the Poet, Frantic Freddie the Hipster and Granny Gruesome.

Ronnie Milsap played the roof club of the King of the Road Hotel for many years. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tenn Slot-car tracks, trampoline centers, go-cart tracks and miniature golf courses that sprung up and disappeared. Lower broad featured fleets of tour buses to carry tourists to the homes of the stars. There was also a black band that played three nights a week in front "Stack and the Boys". Most teens knew the beer joints or liquor stores that accepted fake id's without question. Chester's had a mynah bird on the basement floor which would wolf whistle at the ladies walking by. Boys aged there own cinnamon toothpicks in pill bottles and the older, the hotter. The Observation Deck was closed forever after someone jumped off. In fact, the guys met at Griff's Hamburgers on Sunday afternoons and rode their small Hondas, Harleys, Sears Crusaires and Cushman Eagles around the area and were totally harmless. They would also blast a car out of a giant cannon loaded on the back of a truck. The roof of the grandstands would make it sound like an atomic bomb going off. Kids would be unable to sleep the night before a trip to the fair and everybody dressed up just like church. Skullet hairstyle.

Where The Action Is! Concerts At Sea 50s & 60s Themed.

Harding Mall featured the Santa from the Bozo Show. Jordan got tired of dealing with kids "acting badly" and held the movie over for six months. Deadrick Street back when it had pawn shops and novelty shops. It may derive from the Hindi word , meaning hair slicked back. “We know in the world of biology that you can’t actually measure the aging of an individual,” Olshansky explained. The Harlem Globe Trotters in McQuiddy Gym at Lipscomb racing stockcars at the Nashville. A kid could leave home in the morning on his bike and return at dark, having explored miles from home. The best miniature golf in town was at the Wee Tee Golf Course behind the Dairy King on Thompson Lane at Mill Creek. Phillips was also a great place to go for a small bottle of chemicals guaranteed to make your house or school hall smell like rotten eggs - if you knew what to get. The Overton Band would have teabags hanging from the end of their trombone slides at the Antioch game. Medieval hairstyle. The Belle Meade policeman who was best known for providing security was a rotund gentleman fondly known as "Big Joe". All the "real" hotels were downtown: Andrew Jackson, Maxwell House, Noel, Hermitage, Sam Davis and ultra cool Hyatt Regency with the revolving Polaris Restaurant on top and the Blue Max Lounge in the basement. The pool shark, arguably the most famous player to pick up a cue stick, had his own table on the Mezzanine above the lobby. "If you don't know diamonds, know your jeweler and if Harold says it's so, it's so". Carnivals setup in shopping center parking lots on a regular basis. The Family Booterie store in Hillsboro village had a fluoroscope that would show your feet inside the shoes you were trying on.  I wonder how many cooked feet resulted from that particular commercial gimmick. brought an Air Force Early Warning Radar Station to the Joelton Area. A early pioneer of Nashville talk radio was Roland Wolfe and when he got his "bible thumping little old ladies" stirred up it was great entertainment. He was dismissed and replaced by General Matthew Ridgeway. Madison Square had the Lazy Susan Restaurant beneath Harvey's where patrons shared bowls of food served from the center of large tables. Managers would walk around shining flashlights into dark cars to check for hanky panky.

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It seemed like there was always a carnival at Madison Square

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