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The equation is quite different for instrument training, and obviously for a TAA transition. I am by no means saying that paper charts, paper nav logs, and hand flying should be taught less, only that they should be taught with equal fervor. Even better would be to go out with some weights to a teeter totter and see how the length of arm and weight work to affect balance. Rock and roll music, rockabilly and doo-wop were major parts of the culture. Just like you don't need an AI when you have a real horizon.

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EFBs, GPS, and Autopilots are the future of general aviation. Hairstyle for toddlers. There is enough firehose without teaching students that the green arrow means the autopilot is going to track the nav radio rather than the GPS. Soccer player hairstyle. You enter weight for pilot, co-pilot seats, rear seats, and baggage area and the tool displays the result graphically. A whiz wheel is a "computer" in the same sense that a ruler is. The skill can be applied to any EFB product after that. flight instruction - different utilization in each environment.Click to expand. Instructors should stick to teaching software they know and are familiar with. Hairstyle for middle aged men. This was probably adopted from early rock 'n' roll and rockabilly performers such as Elvis Presley. Certified software has a different testing equation, but it's still not a substitute for eyeballs and brains. Went to Hubbard, then to Webster and on to Western. I no longer permit students to haphazardly choose the technology we use during training except if there are circumstances that require their use of a specific product. The airliners I fly are equipped with dual EFB's for the past nine years, previously paper charts. Even then, I tend to shy away from this because some people forget about those lowered expectations regardless, which cultivates a negative relationship between me and the student, since I cannot provide as thorough instruction on their requested product. Computers and calculators are useless if you don't know how to use them. It requires little cost and/or effort to ensure that does not happen, and one can always carry paper as a backup.

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