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After she was glammed up by JJ's Saree DrapingElegant Saree Draping, it was time for Hinal and Binoy to make their grand entrance in a shower of rainbow confetti. Besides, it is also an essential aspect because wedding is all about starting a new life from the scratch. Each bridal saree is created to make a statement of its own. The stage is the place where for the first time the bride and the groom see each other as formal soul mates. In the meantime, you can browse the full gallery by Priyanca Rao Photography for more photos from this amazing event! Hurry back Maharanis, reception deets coming right up! Floral & Decor: Elegant Affairs Inc. It is not only deemed more classy and luxurious but also comfortable. For your convenience, given below is a check list of all the items you should pay attention to and complete before hand.Honeymoon Planning After all the hustling bustling activities of the wedding are over it is time for the newly wed couple to relax and spend some time together. SR team have an Edge due to their dedication and focus on Innovation.Grand Computer Pvt Ltd Read more›› Hits From The Blog Though wedding is a dream, which every young heart wishes to realize soon, yet it is certainly not that easy.

Wedding and wedding related events are colorful, loud, and fun.Of course if you have a fabulous white or black dress that you would never wear for a funeral, then you can wear it.Avoid dresses and outfits that scream boobage. Her flawless beauty look by Style by Susmita fit with the glittering reception decor perfectly, and Maharani had such an aura of loveliness throughout the night! also looked very handsome in his perfectly tailored suit and a constant smile on his face. Woven by hand and stitched with elaborate embroidery, the sarees display the joyous mood for which it is chosen. So fun! The night descended into an epic celebration of sweet bites and a banging dance party, and William Bichara Photography has captured all the extravagant pics. These are basic fundamentals, any marriage comprises of.

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Instead of wearing a white button down, pick something more colorful to be in tune with the wedding.: Salwar kameez, sari, or chenia choli can be found in silk, chiffon, crepe, cotton and in many styles. They not only decorate your surroundings but also set the mood of the function.Wedding Decoration Any Indian wedding is incomplete without decoration. Mens long layered hairstyle. We were touched by the lovely portraits of with the baraat horse, since she is a talented equestrian with a strong connection to horses. We have therefore, tried to explain the main rituals and the meanings behind them in order to help you understand what is done and why. Shilarohana The bride places her right foot on a stone and vows to be equally as strong in order to protect and preserve the peace of her new home. Weddings are an occasion, when everybody, no matter how far they might stay, gather and rejoice. Therefore, both the bride and the groom are provided with all the effects for new household.Wedding Stage Wedding stage is the focal point in any Indian wedding function. Created to suit your traditions, we offer you bridal saris that are perfect for brides from every region and community. Keep a shawl/scarf with you that matches your outfit.Indian clothing is beautiful, colorful, and detailed. Divine Decor of Dallas VIEW PORTFOLIO ELEGANT SAREE DRAPING VIEW PORTFOLIO JJ Drapes VIEW PORTFOLIO Dhol Beat International VIEW PORTFOLIO For more information on how Platinum Guide members are chosen, click here At SReventPlanners SR event Planners provide the experience, expertise, and personalized service that result in sheer elegance, style and sophisticated wedding planning and other events. Pick what you love best.If you want to wear a western outfit, it is perfectly acceptable too. Gabrielle union hairstyle. A sheer touch of magic made using a variety of fabrics; a bride will be most comfortable in this attire than anything else on the D-day. The welcome This is when the groom enters with his best man beside him. My role is to ensure the overall quality of content is sharp, individual and memorable - just like the perfect gent That's why your handy dandy writer Preeti is here to help. Ganesh puja As with all auspicious Hindu occasions the wedding day starts with a prayer to Lord Ganesh

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