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It is an image that has survived in my memory more clearly than any photograph. If you’ve got a great many concerts to do, then don’t even feeling pleased, at least not in London or Paris. But the fact that we were in many ways polar opposites never caused any rift or jealousy between us: such things did not penetrate our bubble. We went to the pub across the road, and by the time we got back to the hospital, Charlotte had arrived, with Kate in attendance.

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Barry once said she preferred to remain behind the scenes. Well, how kind.You also happen to be one of the most admired women in the world. Anyone I like I take them to that film because you’re absolutely sure they’ll thank you after.

Two years later she began her photography career, which took off with a major exhibition in Japan. "At first, I was better known because of my family: my mother, my stepfather, my father, my sisters … now I hope I'm known a bit more for my own work," Barry said. I was afraid that if for one second I was happy or pleased with myself that I’d be punished next time round. Despite the hiss and crackle of antiquity, Chaliapin’s voice resonated with an emotion entirely absent in the pristine digital recording. How to hide a double chin with hairstyle. If I wanted to be barefoot and wear a mackintosh, I would do it. Then a telephone call came to say that Jane was due to give birth at any moment, so I hoofed it back to London, where I found Serge pacing up and down the hospital corridor, knee-deep in Gitanes butts. She eventually found her way across the “tiny bit of water” between England and her adopted France, made a film and fell in love with Serge, with whom she also recorded an explicit duet he’d written for his ex, Brigitte Bardot. This led him to give me my first commission as a scriptwriter – on a musical with Bob Dylan in mind. I guess that’s what I mean about being in love, taking risks, not caring what anyone thinks.Maybe it’s also because you’re not at home. Jane had bought an old presbytère in Normandy, a place where she could impose her own taste rather than forever acquiesce to Serge’s style. You have to go in every night, and, you know, I’ve done lots of plays that way and a lot of concerts that way. I can’t pretend I was too upset, although it saddened me to see Jane unhappy. Serge was no fan of any of these, and doubtless attributed my own enthusiasm to youthful naivety. If it’s far away, then you can sometimes-and in plays I was always helped by my partners because they were such good fun, so at ease.

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As we were leaving bleary-eyed in the dawn someone stopped her for an autograph. So I cut my hair off and wore boys’ clothes and did my first concert, and it was at the Bataclan and Serge was there and it was quite extraordinary.It must also have been quite liberating, though, after you’d pulled it off and it was a success.It was, but I didn’t dare be happy. Being Jewish, he had had to wear a yellow star pinned to his coat – which his mother would carefully iron, telling him to wear it with pride. 80s hairstyle for guys. But alone with him, I caught my first real glimpse of his Russian melancholy and essential loneliness, despite his surface gaiety. Melody seemed to epitomise the two sides to Serge’s Jekyll and Hyde personality – the cynic and the romantic, in constant oscillation with one another, but never a tepid compromise between the two. That tiny bit of water between England and France, it was breathtaking because you felt so free. Although little had changed, the place seemed somewhat soulless without Jane, Kate and Charlotte. For instance, because John Barry didn’t think I could do it. This seemed like a good opportunity to combine work with pleasure and head south myself to photograph Toulon – the scene of Bonaparte’s first victory against the English. It’s been quite refreshing, actually, to see how very much one depended on other people, and what a misery one was! I just came across some of my drawings in them, one of Serge and Kate and Charlotte under an umbrella, because it had rained on our picnic. It’s a wonderful film, and needless to say it made you cry so much when Depardieu can’t say his text-he’s sitting in the desert and he thinks he’s seen his son. But I did have confidence in what I wanted in real life. Meanwhile Jane and Serge had gone to Nepal, where Jane played a hippie in Les Chemins de Katmandou – and where they both got so stoned that they never dared repeat the experience. Miley cyrus pixie hairstyle. Jane cautiously produced a demo LP that she and Serge had recorded and played it to us.

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There was a night shoot in progress, in which Jane seemed to be dancing one moment and being ravaged the next. It was not surprising that Serge should take to this odd family with brazen relish. I didn’t know then that I was going to spend the rest of my life in France. After a month in Gacko, Serge suggested we drive to Dubrovnik for the weekend

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