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Ancient Greece hairstyles also involved sprinkling Gold powder into the hair. Young girls wore plaits, braids or sometimes ponytails. Hopi maidens wore big hairstyles that are known as squash blossom or butterfly whorls. Many styles involved braiding the hair and fixing it to the head and decorating with flowers, headbands, ribbons and pieces of metal. The older men and women would wear wigs to hide their lack of hair or the greyness of it. Then they would have a choice of short or long hair.

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Women from the Old Kingdom would have shorter hairstyles whereas women from the New Kingdom had longer ones. In the Renaissance period women plucked out the front hairline to give the appearance of a higher forehead, the hair was pulled back tight so an elaborate headpiece could be used to show off their wealth. In other Indian tribes men believed their hair to symbolise power and the longer their hair the more wisdom and power he possessed. The Veil was rejected by the privileged women but poor women adopted the veil because it was seen as a sign of social mobility. Hairstyle makeover before and after.

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Simple hairstyles would consist for women wearing their hair down and confining it from the face by using a band circling the head. Tribes close to the East Coasts would shave most of their hair apart from a ridge of hair along the crown. For men hair and bread styles varied.In early Roman times, men would have long hair and full beards but this changed to them having short hair and clean-shaven faces. Men would have short or shaved hair and they would wear beards unless they were a soldier. Many men and women would have a simple flowing hairstyle and would sometimes paint horizontal stripes in the centre with bright colours. Bobs hairstyle with weave. For women, their hair indicated how attractive and wealthy she was. Women would also wear such styles and would decorate their hair with jewellery, beads ad feathers. Layered hairstyle men. The Germanics made new customs, that separated them from the Roman Empire as their hair held great significance like the Indian and African tribes. Both kinds of women would decorate their hair with flowers such as the lotus blossom and linen ribbons. Young girls wore a simple bun at the base of the neck. His hair would be separated into two braids and into one braid down the centre of his back if he was an older and more experienced warrior

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