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Leto has said the debut album from Thirty Seconds to Mars was partially based on a series of post-apocalyptic dreams he had experienced, as well as dreams about space exploration. In many of his movies, he is disfigured in some way. And doing the 'unplugged' performance was one of those moments. [on debuting the song "Up In the Air" in space] I thought wouldn't it be incredible. I mean, it's a wonderful thing to leave the past behind and move forward toward new adventures. You guys are in the midst of something really beautiful. [on the future of Bartholomew Cubbins] Making these short films has always been an important part of what we do, and there's an expectation now. I've had awhile to adjust to things as they've gone on. We've been here and we've made things and shared those things with people and worked really hard to make things that we believe in. Obama hairstyle. I would think it would be that way for every artist and their audience around the world, but I guess it's not because it's always pointed at that it's unique and different. I don't get a lot of down time and I'm happy to be busy. You know, I was a bit of a bad kid when I was young. While the real junkies were shooting up heroin, Leto would shoot up water to understand the feeling of how injecting yourself with a substance felt like. I feel like there are so many things in my life that I'm beginning again. He experimented with different instruments and drew influences from a varied range of styles in Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams.Steve Lillywhite, who co-produced two band's albums, felt that Leto treats drumming "unlike most drummers do in rock bands.

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It's like a painting that hangs on the wall at a museum.

50 interesting facts about Jared Leto: he's vegetarian, is.

Everybody has their cross to bear and we have ours. You have to say goodbye so that new ideas, new thoughts, new people can evolve. [on the political tone behind 'Walk on Water'] I don't feel an obligation.

Leto is close friends with Terry Richardson, Neil Strauss, Zedd, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Annabelle Wallis.

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[on fake rumors about his Joker methods in Suicide Squad] There's so much hype and so much bullshit around that

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