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I thought I was gonna have a panic attack on the first day. Tekka was an ally of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, and he also knew Ben Solo before he became Kylo Ren. According to the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary," the helmet Rey wears belonged to an X-wing pilot named Captain Dosmit Ræh, who flew for the Tierfon Yellow Aces. Before this moment in the movie, Han even refers to "the Dark Side" without using "Sith", supporting the continuity of the term not being familiar to the original trilogy characters. They now have specially designed blades that light up when activated, which now allows light reflections on the surrounding area. However, Darth Vader did appear on Hoth in Episode V. John Boyega was so nervous and frightened at the prospect of not getting the role, that he didn't tell his parents that he had been cast until after a cast photo was posted online by the official Star Wars Twitter page. One of these lines was one that does not occur in the film: him shouting "I don't know what to do!" According to the novelization, this would have been uttered after the crashed TIE fighter disappeared into the sinking sands. During the infiltration of Starkiller Base, a stormtrooper can be heard saying, "We think they may be splitting up", on his comm system. The "Starkiller" weapon is similar in design to the Galaxy Gun used in the Star Wars: Dark Empire series. Asian hairstyle for guys. He even kept the mask on while the cameras were not rolling. Joonas Suotamo, credited as "Chewbacca double," had no previous acting experience. After this decision, Star Wars' Italian fandom made a petition with over five thousand signatures to Disney Italia's staff, and asked to move the date of release in their country. Abrams revealed to Empire Magazine that Kylo Ren is not actually a Sith. Ashley tisdale hairstyle.

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Maz Kanata was originally supposed to accompany the heroes back to the Resistance base, which is why there is a scene in the trailer, which was cut from the film, showing her giving Anakin's lightsaber to Leia. It was originally rumored that Episode VII, and the following installments would follow Ben Skywalker, son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, and the expanded universe would officially be a part of the Star Wars canon. Despite being directed by an American, and production costs paid by a U.S. Domhnall Gleeson found out the day after he auditioned, which was only one day before the table read. However, after the film drew some complaints about the lack of women in the cast, the decision was made to make Phasma into a woman, thus marking her character the first pivotal female member of the Imperial Stormtroopers in an official, live action Star Wars film. Abrams' movies and television series before this movie, has a cameo in this film. Although more than a year before the film's release, it was shown in selected cinemas, and on iTunes trailers. True to his word, the only tidbit Smith revealed about his visit was that he cried when he stood on the Millennium Falcon set, as it reminded him of how much he loved Star Wars as a child.

During production, the working title was "Shadow of the Empire". Ridley said about the first day on set, "I was petrified. You don't have to fake it; it looks real." Only time Harrison Ford has received top billing in a Star Wars film, making him the first non-Jedi character to be credited first. This marked the first time the domestic record has been held by a sequel, every prior film to set the record was either the first film of a series or a standalone film

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