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It is possible they use this "missing" floor to process the Mexican Brown Dope. Such a device didn't exist, so the Coens had one invented.

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The reason why this is so rare is because the Academy normally has strict rules against nominating more than one person per film as director, in order to prevent actors and producers from claiming directorial credits. After he blows up the car, Chigurh enters the Mike Zoss Pharmacy. Paul Thomas Anderson was testing the pyrotechnics of an oil derrick set ablaze on the set of his film. When the Coens saw Brolin's tape, their response was that they loved the lighting. Mark Strong auditioned for the role of Anton Chigurh and got to the last two spots. One day, while filming a wide shot of the landscape, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen had to halt shooting for the day when a gigantic cloud of dark smoke floated conspicuously into view. The Coen Brothers also named their production company Mike Zoss Productions. This theme is somewhat explored by the world weary Sheriff Bell, who ponders what his life will be like after he leaves his "life" as a lawman. The Coens resumed filming the next day, when the smoke finally dissipated. Garret Dillahunt auditioned five times for the role of Llewelyn Moss before ending up in the role of Wendell. For instance, Bell's final speech in the film is on the final page of the book. The title is part of the first line from William Butler Yeats' poem "Sailing to Byzantium".


Some can be heard during Bell's opening narration, during Chigurh's quarter speech, when Bell shows up at the aftermath of the motel shootout towards the end of the film, and the closing credits. In both movies, the leather case used is the type usually used by airplane pilots to carry their charts and maps. Contrary to most successful films made from books, much of the film's action is taken word for word from Cormac McCarthy's novel, and occurs in the same order. Heath Ledger had been in talks to play Llewelyn Moss, but withdrew to take "some time off" instead. Despite receiving top billing, Tommy Lee Jones has the least amount of screen time out of the three main characters. This may refer to the fact that most buildings do not have a thirteenth floor, which many considered an unlucky number. He asked the film's director Robert Rodriguez if he could borrow a video camera for his audition tape, and he ended up having his audition elaborately shot with the theatrical camera they were using, directed by Quentin Tarantino, and with Marley Shelton as Carla Jean. When he first saw his new haircut, Javier Bardem said "Oh no, now I won't get laid for the next two months". Korean undercut hairstyle for men.

El shaarawy new hairstyle. Hairstyle for second day hair. The Academy can make an exception when the co-directors are an established duo. Zayn malik hairstyle all angles.

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The film was shot mostly in Las Vegas, New Mexico'Tommy Lee Jones' convinced Joel Coen and Ethan Coen to film some scenes on location in West Texas. A year and a half later, both films were the leading contenders at the Academy Awards

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