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This fullness of the style at the temples also counteracts the sunken look that area can take on as years pass-it's a natural side effect of the facial fat loss that comes with age, Bowe explains. though it wasn't as creepy as the video that showed him removing all that makeup from his face. How to get the look: Strategically placed silver highlights are the key to getting Keaton's multi-dimensional silver, Russo says. I loved the Sean Connery/James Bond films as a kid. "The braids and ponies she regularly sports give her a fun, youthful vibe." How to get the look: The key to keeping long gray hair looking chic is to style it loosely, Russo says. Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images Diane Keaton, actress, director, and producer Why her gray rocks: Keaton's streaks of gray and coppery blonde illuminate her facial features and bring warmth to her complexion, Russo says. Then hold the style by misting it with a strong hold hairspray. He was better received in the film "Into The Woods," where he played the Big Bad Wolf with a costume inspired by Tex Avery's famous cartoons. As for the cut, make sure the short style is tailored to your face shape: "If you have a longer face, avoid too much volume and go for a side-swept look," Russo suggests. Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images Judi Dench, actress Why her gray rocks: Dench's "warmed-up" gray flatters her cool skin tone because it reads more as blonde than gray, Russo says. Be sure to brush curls out afterward to give hair cool, modern texture, rather than a roller-set effect. "Maintain your hair's brightness with a violet-based shampoo and conditioner, which will neutralize yellow and orange hues," he suggests.

Depp got his third Oscar nomination from his performance as Sweeney Todd, where he took on a deathly pale complexion and swept-back hairstyle as he slit throats as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. How to get the look: Get King's blonde gray with medium golden blonde lowlights throughout your hair. "The lighter white towards the part contrasts with the darker ends, framing the face in a way that accentuates striking bone structure," Bowe adds. Undoubtedly, Depp's most famous role is Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, which earned him his first Oscar nomination. Chopstick hairstyle. Blonde gray flatters porcelain skin, as opposed to darker, ashy shades that make fair complexions appear pale and sallow, she adds.

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If your natural color is blonde-gray, ask for a silver-based gloss to brighten and enhance the look. To get Lu's sleek look, ask for a simple cropped cut with a short, piecey bang, and style it with a smoothing serum throughout damp locks before blow-drying. Then ask your colorist to finish the look with a golden gloss to tone any remaining grays. Depp was the center of controversy when he played the Native American Tonto in "The Lone Ranger," but the film did get an Oscar nomination for the makeup work that gave Tonto his intricate face paint and headdress. World Soundtrack Award Film Composer of the YearThomas Newman For Side Effects Best Original Film Score of the YearThomas Newman He's taken on so many roles that require heavy work on his face that he has taken to sleeping in full makeup instead of having it redone every morning. Her long hair's wind-blown body gets style points, too: "The volume draws attention upward, creating a natural lift around the eyes and forehead, which is truly age defying," he adds. Best Achievement in Sound EditingPer Hallberg Karen Baker Landers Tied with Paul N.J. Mike Marsland/Getty Images Helen Mirren, actress Why her gray rocks: "The soft blonde tones in her gray hair create an ethereal, youthful appearance, and makes fine lines less noticeable," Bowe explains. As for Moreno's volume, the key is to use a round brush to pull hair up and away from the scalp while blow-drying your hair, and then curling ends with a two-inch barrel curling iron after. Best WTF MomentJavier Bardem Mutilated and deformed after a botched suicide attempt, Bardem's villain twists his prosthetic mug. Women got to be part of the action; the Bond Girl was always there to celebrate success at the end. He's taken on so many roles that require heavy work on his face that he has taken to sleeping in full makeup instead of having it redone every morning. The other was the flamboyant transvestite Bon Bon, who struts and poses his way through Fidel Castro's prison filled with political dissidents.  Fine Line Features Depp's famous performance as Raoul Duke in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" didn't require much makeup, but Depp did have Hunter S. Here's some of the most outlandish looks Depp has sported onscreen Primetime Emmy Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a MovieCranford For playing: "Matty Jenkyns". "Anything too severe, like a tight bun or pony, runs the risk of appearing too matronly." Amp up the texture of your ponytails and braids for a messy-but stylish-look like Rodin's. Thompson shave his head to match the writer's male pattern baldness. "If you have a rounder face, ask your stylist to create more volume at the crown of your head with layers," he adds. How to get the look: To get Curtis' silvery gray, Salon Mario Russo's color experts recommend asking your colorist for pieces with a pale, almost white blonde shade as face-framing highlights, with darker ash tones painted throughout for dimension

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