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I am so glad that I set up an appointment with Qiana! She washed, blow-dried, cut/blended, and flat ironed my hair to perfection. Blue and Aaron are truly amazing! I'm really happy with the result I took advantage of a Groupon to get my hair cut by Bob. They won't try to sell you anything you don't need and are forthcoming in their advice. She did the color herself, without help from an assistant, and was very careful in applying and checking in on how the color developed. She left my hair super silky and straight without any sign of damage. Kirby receives Lucas's cowlick hairstyle and the special move PK Freeze. I felt very confident in him and could just relax and let him work his magic. They're front and center, blending right it with her luscious curls. I also wanted to mention two of the guys that work at the front desk, Carlos and Richard, they were great! And I especially want to thank Carlos for recommending Robert to me.

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I'm pretty picky about my cuts and it's always hard to find someone that does exactly what I'm hoping for. I've always been the type of person who hated my hair when I walked out of the salon and only liked it the next day when I styled it myself.which I always felt shouldnt be the case. She lives up to every bit of her amazing reputation. I have faithfully followed him to Maxine and thank goodness because every time I come for an appointment I feel spoiled! Through Aaron I got hit twice by the hair gods and met Brittany. Evan is my new favorite stylist - plus he's just a lovely person to chat with. Funny hairstyle quotes. I travel through here from time to time and will definitely be stopping in again on my next trips to Chicago.

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And much to the delight of my husband, Josie returned my cut to our wedding day. Aaron listens to what you want, always takes his time & makes sure you're happy in the end. Now in the avenue of price range, sometimes the cost classy haircut falls in line with a wealthier cost. They asked me what kind of hair I had and what I was looking for and recommended Hans. I love her work and color, and she listens to you and what you want, and makes it work! She is so fabulous I just can't say enough! If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Chicago, you have to make an appointment with her. I am thinking of a style, and when I walk out I have it. He gains the ability Clown Cannon, which will cause a cannon to appear in Kirby's mouth upon pressing the special button. Pressing the special button will have Kirby shoot out a slow-moving energy burst, damaging nearby opponents. Short hairstyle ideas for weddings. After reading all the great press, good reviews on Yelp and being stuck in a hair rut with my current stylist, I decided to give Maxine's a try. They take what they do very seriously - in a good way. Diane has been my colorist for years and I can't imagine being without her. I am so thrilled I did!! Since January I have been going to Hans and I could not be happier. However, unlike Olimar's move, Kirby will immediately throw the Pikmin instead of keeping it with him and the Pikmin will disappear after landing or attacking. She is professional and uses her time well but does not make your feel rushed or ignored.

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Melee, the copied move is PK Flash, which sends a thunderbolt into the air. A year later, the rest of the world followed in her layered-hair footsteps. When we lived in California I would go back to Chicago for haircuts with Bob and I have girlfriends from Boston and San Francisco who plan their flights so they may stop-over in O'hare and make a quick dash to Maxine. Additionally, Maxine is a beautiful salon, and the staff is exceptionally warm and friendly. * Pros: great hairstylists., friendly I love Maxine hair salon. I've had one other experience at Maxine, which was also very positive

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