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For the lady featuring in the image has a long face and has a light skin tone, she went in for small boxes that are done half way of hairs then the rest of the weave is maintained with curls. Usually small volumes of your natural hair , specially where hair parts to the sides is left without adding cornrows for the sake of pushing it straight to cover the weave to look decent. BEST MEDIUM BOB PUSH STRAIGHT HAIRSTYLE FOR BLACK WOMEN For cases where African American women fall for long hairstyles because of the influence they live in , stating a white woman’s beauty is checked on long hair that falls at the back so they too are taken by this statement. If you’re the type of woman who feels you wouldn’t cut your hair even an inch, then at the front part where the bang is pushed, you apply a short hairpiece looking exactly your natural hair cut above eyes to cover the upper part of your face for the same goals. First your natural hair will be done with cornrows on medium size, let’s assume those cornrows are going round your head for perfect fixing of the weave.

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For the young black women featuring in the image above has a heart face shape she decided to push her natural hair with waves on the lower section of her hair.

At the front part of hair on the left around ears to the shoulders blue color is added, for the right hand front hair blue highlights are embedded after gray hair longer to be seen touching the bust gray color coming first. You take a step and color your hair with brown but in light mode then a few areas fix in gray color on straight hair. For hair at the center she kind of pushed it straight and for hairs at the front where the left hand side begins she pushed hair backwards as she proceeded down still on the same side she pulled a big wave that touched her cheeks and as it ends blonde highlight showed on surface to look fabulous. Sit under drier and set time depending on the volume of your hair. She decided to hide her natural hair completely by pulling cornrows on the scalp then the colorful weave sown on top. You will maintain it with weave spray that locks in waves and sheen thus your hair looking nice always. If you want your weave to take you long without falling off and fading easily then go for human weave. Your hair is taken through the following steps; after steaming it it’s then washed off steaming hair product, applied with a cotton towel to absorb most of waters. Put off big amounts of water within your hair, leaving few amounts then apply setting lotion to your hair and apply rollers to your entire hair. She relaxed her natural hair then cut it to shoulder length. Of course you can pull more designs with this medium hair that’s if you both relax it and don’t add anything or other women apply medium length weaves that look exactly like natural hair then leave small volumes of natural hair on top to cover the weave. For your natural hair beneath will be done with cornrows then curly weave sown on top using braid threads to make it tight. Essence hairstyle. This is possible on natural hair and if you apply to colors of weave and for the colored highlight you fix few pieces of that particular color for color balancing. For this particular section of hair she pushed it on the left hand side above eyes straight. You only need to apply hairspray on hair entirely and the scalp for adding moisture to your hair and to make it soft. For hairs on the right hand side is cut on the same level of the opposite side and lastly few hairs is at the front pushed a few inches inside the crown on the right hand side towards eyes to push bangs and cut on the level of eyes to look war. Comb hair on the left hand side going down and for the right hand side going on the sides and for hair at the back pushed backwards. Italian men hairstyle. This hairstyle can be done on your natural hair if it has volume and long up to shoulders. Korean actor hairstyle. Then, post a comment in the Facebook Live comment box, correctly answering the Giveaway Question. Plait your hair with medium to light weight braid brands to avoid braids pulling your hair loose or result in hair breaking afterwards. Calm down all colors that shout on top of your hair with natural teaming makeup to make your own medium hairstyle that make heads turn. Apply a human medium length weave which is off black. BEST MEDIUM CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLE BLACK WOMEN Such medium hairstyle for black women that involves applying more than one color to your hair is well known pulled by celebrities. Add the weave on top of cornrows then sew it tight, leave an alternative for hair to be parted on the left hand side. With such color added to your natural hair, you apply few makeup and you’re already looking great. First and foremost your natural hair has to be that long to reach shoulder length.

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She picked a razor cut weave featuring in her favorite colors mentioned above, then joined it on cornrows. Use a big bristled comb to make your hair and when at sleep cover your hair for conveniences. What you need to do is hair your natural hair relaxed, then wash off all hair product and dry it with either hot comb or sit under drier with your hair set with rollers according to the length of your hair. All hairs around the mid section is done with small cornrows then weave applied on top. From this point you can make your hair curly, wavy or straight at your conveniences. For the rest of hair on the same side, push it straight going down. You will keep the color of your hair for a period of three month to fade out gradually and new growth of your natural hair surfaces in. BEST MEDIUM NEUTRAL COLOR WAVY HAIRSTYLE BLACK WOMEN Look stunning with Kelly Rowland medium neutral color wavy hairstyle for black women, which will take you to apply human hair wavy weave to make you feel real feminine. For hairs from the top going round the head up to the upper part of the forehead hair is pushed straight and for the rest of hairs up to the shoulders it’s reserved with tight curls. BEST MEDIUM HAIRSTYLE FOR LONG FACES BLACK WOMEN When you’re able to tell which category your face shape falls, is the first step to wearing perfect hairstyle

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