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One month later, the Crawleys make the decision to open the estate to the public for one day. Girls short hairstyle. At the race, Henry's friend crashes his car, and as it goes up in flames, Mary runs to make sure it isn't Henry. Clarkson, but Bates insists that he has savings and only wants her to see Dr. Mary gets suspicious as Anna has to pause in the middle of her sentence and say something more. Then she was ordered by Inspector Vyner to come to Scotland Yard, her husband insisted upon coming with her where they learn that Mr Green raped other women, who were afraid to come forward and Anna was placed alongside those women for a trial inspection. Lady Mary wakes up Anna to tell her that Kemal Pamuk had died in her bed. It is done by the time O'Brien pays them a visit. She insists Thomas must go and cannot understand why Bates helps him. He sees Anna is distressed and wonders why she was hurt. After Sybil and Tom's announcement the next day, Anna in the Servants Hall at Downton, saw Mr Branson arriving and politely spoke to him. Daisy briefly over hears Anna and Tom talking. He informs his former co-workers that he and Lady Sybil are getting married, much to their shock and Mr. He says he will divorce Vera and come back to Downton very soon, offering Vera more money than the papers will give her through the inheritance he received after his mother's death. They go to London and the doctor is ready and she gets all fixed up. Anna takes after her, despite Bates yelling at her to be careful because of her "condition". She says it’s more a translation than historically accurate. But after John retrieves a love letter from the Prince of Wales to Freda Dudley Ward stolen by Terence Sampson, Mary burns the ticket. Rose Aldridge and her husband have moved to New York, and are assumed to be starting a family of their own. Mary corrects this, admitting that she truly does love him in return and they agree to be married at the church. Mrs Hughes tells Anna there was nothing of importance in John's old coat when she asks. Ryder, in London to see if he can fix Anna's inability to remain pregnant. Anna mentions to Bates that she's feeling some more slight pains, and Bates pressures her to tell Mary, because he thinks she should see Dr. Sybil takes Gwen to a job interview but they end up in the mud. Handsome black bandleader Jack Ross and Lady Rose spend time together.

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Bates goes to London to deal with the matter and try to talk some sense into Vera. A distant heir is found, long lost cousin Matthew Crawley, but he’s just a middle class lawyer! Matthew and his mother Isobel arrive at Downton and antics ensue. Anna points out that it's night so they just missed the last train, but Mary says they'll drive to York and see if there's a late one there.

Then she and Mrs Hughes pondered over Mr Bates's trip to London, York, on the day of Mr Green's death, both were suspicious and Anna questions her husband about it and what he knew of Mr Green's death and her rape. She says she feels terrible that she can't give him what he wants, and he says, "To me, we are one person and that person can't have children." Then Anna goes up to Mary. She also renews her friendship with Bertie Pelham, the agent at Brancaster Castle, and start a romance together. When he returns to Downton as Lord Grantham's valet again by request, she was delighted. Matthew and Mary share a kiss and a marriage proposal. Edith and Mary have a heated dispute, to which Edith says how Henry Talbot is perfect for her, and always has been, before leaving for London. Isobel is delighted of Mary's decision to marry again. Mary says that she wants to take Anna to her gynecologist, Dr. She then tells Mr Bates she would prefer to walk home alone, ignoring him as he tries to stop her. Anna is raped and Bates is implicated in another murder. When Cora unexpectedly comes into the room, she is furious with Anna and Mrs Hughes, and also with Mrs Patmore who was also present.

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Anna finally tells her how she wants children, and she can't seem to have them, and Mary mentions how much stress they've been under, but Anna says she can get pregant, she just "can't keep it". Nicole Richie’s beaded headpieces for House of Harlow have also been popular, selling out on several online stores. Sergeant Willis says that the woman apologized for waiting so long to confess, and though Bates seems upset, Anna interrupts him and says to tell her that she forgives her. Sybil’s death casts a gloomy pall over Downton Abbey. Sybil trains to become a nurse and falls in love with Branson. Out on the streets, sales of long silk gloves, pearls and empire waisted dresses have soared since Downton Abbey aired.  The jury finds him guilty and sentences him to be hanged, though later on his sentence is commuted to life imprisonment. The local war memorial features prominently in this season, especially with Mrs Patmore. Downton Abbey dresses are shorter and less ornate than those of the Edwardian period

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