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Hair accessories are a great way to update a simple hairstyle – look out for pretty headbands, metallic hair slides, and interesting hair ties to give your hairstyle some extra character. AnnaLynne McCord Curly Hairstyle: Curly sock bunAmerican actress AnnaLynne McCord is right on trend with her huge, gravity-defying sock bun. If you’re a WOC Nicki shows you how to rock a ponytail that looks very natural because of its yaki texture. Taylor Swift Curly Hairstyle: Perfectly coiffed curly up’doSinger-songwriter Taylor Swift looks gorgeous with her curly hair swept up into a perfectly coiffed up’do. Because some types of clothing don’t even look good on skinny girls, and you should not think you have to be tiny to be pretty. She wears her thick hair in a side parting, with a side fringe that has been teased at the roots for extra volume. Sarah Jessica Parker Curly Hairstyle: Mid-length messy curlsActress and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker looks radiantly beautiful with her mid-length, messy curls. If it’s meant to last, it will last despite your setbacks. Allow yourself to be attracted to their body and their mind and their laugh and their smell. They’re allowed to mock them as much as they want, but will always remember and be insulted by the time you joined in. I don’t care if you don’t believe in war, but at least love the soldiers who fight for you. Rachel Bilson Curly Hairstyle: Wavy ombre curlsAmerican actress Rachel Bilson is right on trend with her gorgeous wavy ombre curls.

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So it was no surprise to us when she added light waves to pull off a dreamy look. It does not only have to be a night time hair style.

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She wears her hair loose with a side parting, and her fringe is clipped back to keep it out of her eyes.

Emma Stone Curly Hairstyle: Edgy asymmetrical curlsActress Emma Stone looks breathtaking with her edgy asymmetrical curls and seriously vampy red-wine lips. Naturally curly hair is prone to dryness and frizz, so take extra care of your curls. Quick weave hairstyle 2015. Along with humor, find lessons that will help you later in life. Half-up hairdos are perfect for curly hair, as they tame wild locks around your face whilst letting the rest go wild and free.

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Don’t be ashamed of loving a person because of their gender, because of their race, because of their background, because of their reputation, or because they’ve hurt you. This curly hairstyle is perfect for naturally thick and straight hair, as only the ends are curled, making it much easier to style. And do not rush into things just because you’re alone. Keri Hilson Curly Hairstyle: Short curly bobSinger-songwriter Keri Hilson looks absolutely divine with her short, curly bob and dramatic dark eye makeup. Remember that you don’t have to look skinny to look good. Your shortest layer should preferably be below your chin to avoid overwhelming your face. This look is great for both daytime activity and evenings

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