Layered angled bob hairstyle

The rest of the bob has some texturing in the ends that make it slightly rough without the messy, gypsy quality of older shag cuts. Instead of dramatic highlights, many stylists are opting for more subtle, pretty lowlights. Tousled short cuts like this one also give extra room to play with dimensional colour, like Kiera Knightley’s honey highlights. Your eyes will be more noticeable with short hair so try a kohl eyeliner and a small amount of shimmery shadow on the brow line. Blunt bobs, layered shags that fall above the shoulders, angled bobs, and side-swept bangs will also complement this face shape. Because short hair is so bold, it is good to create highlights with a lighter-colored foundation on your forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin. Combining the ease and wearability of a bob with heavily textured cutting, this shag haircut is modern and incredibly flattering. This look also pair well with a headband and works for any type of hair. For model Arizona Muse, this soft but shaggy, boy-inspired cut is the perfect compliment to her stunning cheekbones and intense blue eyes. Mohawk hairstyle men. Go for the Cut Having already embraced your short style, take it all the way back trimming down the sides. Like other long bobs, you can wear this haircut in a half updo on days when you’re short on styling time. Bangs are left long enough to graze the eyes, which should allow most women to get away with less styling effort. Although sleek and shaggy are often opposing terms when it comes to describing hairstyles, this is a brilliant example of doing both at once. To keep some feminine elements in your style, pair this hair with smoky eyes or red lips.

Sleek crop cuts and side-swept bangs are also complementary. While the lob still reigns supreme as the trendiest hairstyle, Julianne Hough’s recent debut of this much more layered version might have shag styles poised to be next year’s “it” cut. You can sleek up this look by wearing it straight, making this a low-commitment way to get a little shaggy with your look. This cut takes a classic angled bob and gives it a shaggy look thanks to hair left in its natural wavy texture and some added layering that’s more subtle than most shag styles.

22 Lob Hairstyles on Celebrities - Best Long Bob Haircut Ideas

This long bob style has shaggy layers in front and rough texturing at the bangs, but layers get longer towards the back to create a hybrid style. A thick-haired woman’s dream come true, this style features heavy bangs that take a lot of hair to pull off, while the rest of hair is cut in three distinct layers that eliminate heaviness and bulk. Cool skin tones have pink, red, or blue undertones, warm have yellow, peach, or golden, and neutral skin has a mix of both warm and cool undertones. The key is knowing how to style a short haircut to complement your face shape, choose the right color for your skin tone, and use makeup that highlights your face and cheekbones. Makeup Ideas for Short Hairstyles Here are some makeup ideas for short hairstyles can help make the look complete. A super popular cut right now, this long bob uses textured ends rather than outright layers to create slightly roughened edges. Embrace the Classics Try taming your curls with a wide brush and blow dryer for large classic waves. The long bang draws eyes downward, and can help to balance out a larger forehead. Loose curls hairstyle

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