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The long bang draws eyes downward, and can help to balance out a larger forehead.

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She fluffs all of her hair towards the front of her face, giving her hair a full and thick appearance that is really awesome. We love her adorable bob haircut with ends curled in to frame her cute face perfectly. And here we see her sporting one of her best looks: the simple shag. Just wash your hair, and if your hair is naturally straight, let it dry naturally. See how to get it: Mist damp hair with volumizing spray and blow dry each section using a round brush to add volume. We are loving her asymmetrical shaggy bob hairstyle and we definitely think it’s one of the most popular styles of the year.

A Slideshow of the Most Amazing Shag Haircuts

Finish blow drying bangs in the direction you want them to end up. Link hairstyle. Ever since she's chopped her long hair off, Lisa Rinna's haircuts are slight variations on the same idea: short and layered face-framing locks that basically style themselves. Miley Cyrus Shag Hairstyle: Tussled Long LayersOk, ok. Like other long bobs, you can wear this haircut in a half updo on days when you’re short on styling time. Now switch to a round brush, and use it to angle the ends of each face-framing layer. What to do: This look is all about the cut, so take this picture to your stylist and ask for a short, layered bob with long, sideswept bangs. If you want, you can use a teasing comb to tease the top of your head for some extra volume. Rub it between your hands and fingers and rake them though your ends to play up the fun flicked-out vibe. Pink Shag Hairstyle: Crazy ColorsNothing says edgy quite like colored hair, and this hairstyle’s got it all: the vivid, bright pink hues against platinum blonde locks in a messy, shag haircut that rocks. Once your hair is dry, apply some styling wax to your fingers and warm them up between your palms. This long bob style has shaggy layers in front and rough texturing at the bangs, but layers get longer towards the back to create a hybrid style. Jessica Alba Shag Hairstyle: Short and SweetJessica Alba always has this sweet, innocent essence about her.

We’re in love with her generous side part which adds some serious hotness to the whole look. But Angela Bassett clearly shows us that even shag haircuts can have a bit of rigidness to them

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