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Cute Braided Donut Bun Image: ShutterstockUnconventionally cute and charming, this braided updo for medium hair is one to die for. Mohawk Twist With Micro-Braids Great news for all the ladies who want the punk look without chopping off their precious locks! Off-beat and punk inspired, this updo is for the bold and the beautiful. After you pin the ends of your curls over the elastics, pull some strands loose to give your style a softer look. For the nomadic peoples of Africa, India, North and South America, and the Middle East, braiding was a practical means of producing useful and decorative textiles. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Fishtail Braid Spritz a conditioning spray all over dry hair for shine, then create a side part. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Twisted Knot Mist damp hair with a wave spray, scrunch to create beachy texture, and allow to air-dry. Very stylish to say the least, this hairdo also makes your hair appear sleeker. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Pretty Waves Create beachy waves by spritzing a texturizing spray all over towel-dried hair, then letting it air dry. Asian hairstyle trends. Older children watch and learn from them, start practicing on younger children, and eventually learn the traditional designs. Braid your pony.Braid the lengths of your hair then secure the ends with a hair elastic.

25 Updo Hairstyles for Black Women - Part 3

Push the top elastic forward toward your forehead to create a little volume at the front. Dutch is always a fun way to style your tresses, even more so if the outcome is as beautiful as this. Secure the crown part of the hair using a sectioning clip.

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Clean cut hairstyle. Braiding creates a composite rope that is thicker and stronger than the non-interlaced strands of yarn. In China, Korea, and Japan silk still remains the main material used. Braided Sock Bun Yet another sock bun to rock your hair. This is a simple and elegant style to wear your hair. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Advertisement - Continue Reading Below If you’re into basic, French girl-inspired looks or even braids for beginners, the braided style we’re about to reveal is not for you. Then blow-dry using a diffuser, scrunching up from ends to roots.

Release the sections of hair held using the sectioning clip. Make a twist from each of those two small sections. Secure with *sparkly* hair clips. However, like everything else in life, practice makes perfect, and you’ll never know how much you truly like something until you actually try it. Brush the length of your hair using the paddle brush. The stylized rope braid bun is for the experimentalist. When it comes to updos, tresses of medium length can present a very pretty picture, if done right. Create a low side bun near the nape of your neck using the lower section. When hair is completely dry, split it into three horizontal sections: one at the crown of your head, one at the back, and one at the nape of your neck

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