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"And when the bride has successfully donned her beautiful gown, be prepared to help her into and out of the bathroom in the hours before the wedding. Help her get dressed.Getting a nervous woman into possibly the most expensive, elaborate dress she'll wear in her life is no small task. The maid of honor should give out her phone number to all of the key vendors and family members in advance so she can help field any questions for the bride that morning, says Tracie Domino, founder of Tracie Domino Events. Write your speech.Even if you only jot down some talking points, at least you'll have something to go off of, notes wedding planner and founder of Pretty Pear Bride, Shafonne Myers.

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Practice your speech twice a day and record yourself a couple of times so you can hear your pacing and your tone. Rehearse the speech in front of friends, too, in order to see if your jokes get a laugh Calling all maids of honor! You've been crazy busy helping the bride for the past year, but now's the time to really let her sit back and relax and soak in the moment. Have the bride's favorite treat on hand.Speaking of munchies, Mindy Home, senior events manager at AE Events, suggests having some of the bride's favorite snacks on hand to help calm her down in case of a possible freak-out. The more times you do this, the easier it will be when you do it in person. Use the toast as your moment to bring the bride to life. No one wants to be reminded of their dating failures, particularly in front of their families, friends, and new life partner. Poke a Little FunIt's okay to make a little bit of fun of the bride, maybe for her childhood taste in movies or music, but keep it light. Instead, try something like: "When we were freshmen in college-thousands of miles apart and penniless-I had just been dumped by a boyfriend. You don't want your ending to be anti-climactic. have a distinct ending to your toast; something sweet like a classic quote or song lyrics that "tag" your toast with an unforgettable, iconic saying. They breathe life into the bride and the groom, and do a better job of getting your point across than making a blanket statement.There's a big difference between simply saying: "Sarah is such a great friend! She'd do anything for me!" vs. Keep everyone on track.And keep track of everyone! According to Florida Keys wedding planner Lynn D'Ascanio of, the maid of honor should receive a copy of the timeline and familiarize herself with the morning protocol, including hair and makeup appointments. Sock bun hairstyle. There's no doubt that these tales are hysterical, but they're also embarrassing. Photo Credit: Jessica Lauren PhotographyWhat to Say The words make the wedding. Botanicals and florist on, Joyce Geissinger.

Practice Reading Your Maid of Honor SpeechThe more times you practice your speech before the wedding day, the better it will sound when you read it for real. Keep It ShortThe longer your speech, the more opportunities you'll have for people to start losing attention and missing your jokes. "Lately, most of my brides have wanted dark chocolate bits, but this can be anything," she says. Keep the groom's ring safe.Seriously, guard that thing with your life! Geissinger recommends wearing it on your thumb for safekeeping. Of everyone at the wedding, you have the best insight of how much their partner has changed your friend for the better. Here's how to create an unforgettable start to the with who you are and how you know the bride. Be on drunk patrol.If you plan on enjoying some bubbly with the girls while you get glam, it's your duty to try and keep the bride and bridesmaids to a one to two glass max, warns Matiana Mitchell of Matiana Mitchell Designs. Sarah got a loan from the family she babysat for so she could come and visit me. You're simply the vehicle to explain why the newlyweds are so fantastic. Once all of the bridesmaids are done getting ready though, it's the maid of honor's job to make sure they clear their stuff out of the bridal suite so that the bride and groom don't return to a messy room at the end of the night, says Domino. So, use stories to back up exactly how the bride embodies all of these qualities. Start with the Bride, End with the CoupleYou're likely giving a speech because you've been extremely close to the bride for a long time. There's nothing worse than a speaker who goes on and on about herself! You hear about her parents, her ideas for the future, how she overcame adversity and then finally-finally!-she mentions the bride. Braid hairstyle for men. Make sure the bridal suite is spick and span.Technically, this will happen later on in the afternoon. Do Not Mention ExesYou have a treasure trove of stories about your best friend's dating life. Become an Awesome Story TellerThere's a reason stories are passed down from generation to generation: they resonate. Forget that misguided advice often given by corny uncles; It’s better to lead with sentiment and sweetness rather than a gimmick that can fall flat.What to Say About the Brideshare a brief story on what you love most about the bride. Too many toast-givers tend to ramble on and on, spinning their wheels for a clincher at the end.awkward! Ditch Generic PraiseToo often maid of honor speeches devolve into a series of platitudes: "She's the best!" "She's so pretty!" "She's so funny!" While all of this might be true, this kind of generic praise doesn't have any heart. Pause After Delivering a JokeWhenever you say a joke, be sure to pause for a few seconds afterward to let the audience laugh. No matter how gorgeous the or are, it's the toasts that fill the day with heart. Don't say anything that would embarrass her or make her feel uncomfortable. Hairstyle for medium hair mens. That’s a big no-no! briefly share how you knew she met The One. The guy who insisted he be called "El Jefe" whenever they got intimate. Not everyone in the room is from her side, and it creates a sense of connection to you and what you’re about to say.feel like you have to open with a joke. Pokemon sun and moon hairstyle guide. Remember: This Isn't About YouWhile a lot of the stories you tell should be about your time with the bride, you should not be the focal point. You'll want to be certain everything is laid out in advance, from undergarments to shoes to jewelry, so there's no last minute scrambling to find those heirloom earrings or an extra pair of hose, advises wedding planner at L.A. You'll feel confident because you'll have practically committed the words to memory. If the joke or the situation is something other wedding guests would have to be there to understand, avoid using it in your speech.

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