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After doing hair and beauty course at Orane I got a very good job at a salon in Phagwara. Here at the Orane I got a world class education through informative and engaging beauty therapy and make-up artistry courses. Take a small section of your hair and start twisting it. And, although what you just read may come across rather serious, I've been known to spit some sarcasm, bust out in random song, line dance, and come on… I had purple hair for four years! I always aspired to earn name and fame in my life so I happened to join Orane. This bio was actually written while I was in Siem Reap volunteering for the fourth time. Using a contor pallet, apply concealer under your eyes, cupid bow and bridge of your nose. I'll spare the details but since I quit my "regular" job and began my dream job, my life has been more fulfilling than ever before. Well, I hated "character!" Now that I have worked on a vast number of faces, hair types, and personalities, I fully understand what she meant. I have had the opportunity to volunteer with The Trade Foundation and educate women in Cambodia in the art and science of hair dressing. Jennifer Winget’s makeup Start by applying foundation. The TV serial Beyhadh will go off-air in September, a year after it hit the screen. Apply bronzer and then apply compact powder all over your face to make it look even and fresh. My faith is what sustains me in all moments of life, and without it I would be in a place that I don't care to think about. Being a wedding stylist and/or makeup artist requires a certain caliber of customer service, endurance, and ability to handle stressful timelines and different personalities with grace. Now I am much satisfied with my job and earning a handsome salary every month. Her style is casual as well as stylish and she keeps reinventing her style and look which her fans seem to love. Take another section below the first one and start twisting. We all want to feel good in our skin and accept our bodies as they are. The product used in the video is Revlon highlighting pallet. Use a brown shade from the eye shadow pallet on your lower lid. Moustaches and mutton chops were in, even fake facial hair was worn and accepted. But it may not affect Jennifer’s popularity as she is quite the style guru. I thank Orane for filling my life with new confidence and hope. Presently I am working with Nitson Chandigarh as dietician. Here's how to nail Jennifer Winget’s look from the serial. My mom always told me that my tooth gave me character. Orane really helped me to visualize my dreams into reality. Butterfly clip hairstyle.

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For example, rock bands influenced the wearing of no nonsense longer hair, reggae had dreadlocks and the short rude boy, glam and pop had various layered and textured styles By Lilian Min You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter What I've learned over the years is that not every hairstylist or makeup artist is cut out for weddings, which is why in more recent years there has become two separate industries for salon stylists and wedding stylists, with a small percentage teetering between the two. Apply a nude shade on the outer corners of your eye lids and blend it well. Put on your fake lashes and apply mascara on both upper and lower eyelid. Placement Drives and I got placed along with many more other students. No matter where you come from or where you're going, deep down we all desire the same things.

Apply compact powder where you applied your concealer. Spray on some setting spray to keep the look intact and natural. I did the relevant beauty course from Orane and thereafter with my expertise became a trainer at Orane. Despite of working for many years in Canada I was not earning sufficiently. Do try this hairstyle and makeup to look casual yet stylish Men’s hair in the seventies was a joy to behold. There was a little bit of variation throughout the decade, from long to short, blow-dried and bouffant to spiked and bleached, with “overgrown” being the look that most people associate with the decade. From moptops to pleasantly overgrown, how The Beatles wore their hair sparked trends Other musicians and musical styles also influenced their followers – for the young, it was about belonging to something and having a common identity with that band or genre. When I came to Punjab I heard about Orane and did a course of Hair and Beauty with Orane. Use white shade on your brow bone area and the inner corners of your eyes. The actress surprised us all with the new short hairstyle she has flaunted in recent episodes. The actress portrays the role of the owner of a magazine in this Romantic thriller show. A few years later they went all hippie, influencing men to grow their hair and sparking the trend for facial hair. There is a hint of highlighting in Jennifer’s look in Beyhadh. Chop hairstyle. The actress has stolen many hearts with her every look in the show. Long layered bob hairstyle. I've realized that my passion isn't limited to hairstyling and makeup, but expands beyond the realm of outer beauty and into the heart and soul of each woman I meet. I remember wanting braces so badly when I was a teenager so I could fix a tooth that was slightly crooked

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