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New hairstyle for girls 2015. Captain Marvel himself is normally an example of Older Alter Ego, but in , the grown-up Billy Batson looks exactly like Marvel, which becomes an important plot point. In , the Duke, who rules the city, wanders around speaking to all the main characters with no attempt at disguise other than a priest's robe.

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This results in her turning monstrous when her parents tell her this, not believing them until the end where Boo's disguise is removed. In , the title character often uses a variety of different disguises that can be easily seen through by the audience, but Tsuna is the only in-universe character that shares this view. Wedding hairstyle with tiara. Though, in both versions, Ichigo's crush Masaya recognizes her in her transformed form, and later figures out her identity. When in their civilian forms, the two are very nice to them, in contrast to their Senshi identities. Feathered hairstyle for long hair. Before the end of the talk, Phase has figured out that the headmistress is also the superheroine Lady Astarte. Hairstyle flip. It takes quite a while for the male lead to figure out that Patience is Catwoman. Oh yeah, and they have the same name! And yet the Aasus are still surprised that Poemi is a Magical Girl. : Clara's superhero costume doesn't even come with a mask, and she's constantly seen on news broadcasts everywhere. Lelouch also changes the demeanor considerably; as himself he's a soft-spoken, kindly big brother as far as Nunnally is concerned, while as Zero he is a megalomaniac Large Ham. She starts by telling the audience about the teasing she gets for playing the clueless Lois Lane, but explains that it's just part of the show and nobody is really that dumb. Said disguise consisted of changing her name, wardrobe and hairstyle. Except the one time her childhood friend Hikaru met Sailor V she acted meeker than usual, throwing her off course. But it is Played With, as Arcade believed it was a video game and thus presumed it was intentionally trying to mimic their own appearances. Bobby's father doesn't understand why some people engage in the X-Men although some of them are perfectly fine looking, just like Gambit, seeming to ignore his pretty unusual eyes. Diana figuring out the Phantom's secret identity is foreshadowed in the scene at the newspaper office where Kit talks and poses exactly like the Phantom did just a few scenes earlier, before realizing what he's doing and breaking the pose. Subverted by in which several people comment that Maron and Jeanne resemble each other.

Used in an episode of where Kaname disguises herself by putting on a kimono and makeup and putting her hair up. This is made even more blatant by the fact that Leela and her mother are the only purple-haired female cyclopes in the entire universe. Linkara also points out a few minor differences in Helen Slater's performance, that help make it believable that they are two different people. Naturally, Penguin Village being a Cloud Cuckoo Land, nobody ever recognizes him. Young Justice has Superboy.turn his shirt inside out for his civilian identity. Most scholars agree these disguises would have been useless and flimsy, so the audience could easily see through them. Christopher Reeve's vastly differing portrayals of Clark Kent and Superman really made you feel that he could get away with the disguise

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