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If I didn't know any better I'd say he was starving. As good as his mouth felt on my chest I knew it could be so much better somewhere else. I could feel a smile form on his lips as he parted them inviting in my tongue. Instinctively he began sucking on my lips and licking between their folds.

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The Charming Farmer - "Raising hell on a little slice of.

Michael was giving his valedictorian speech at our graduation. "Yeah, with Donna." she said dripping poison into every word. Walking slowly down the stairs I heard the nose in the living room die down to silence. I continued grinding my hips on his cock as I looked over my shoulder and moaned loudly "oh Michael!" Michael reaches up and grabbed my ass holding me as I rode him reverse cowgirl style. I could feel him trying to drill through my panties and it was making me feel so hot inside.

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'Nothing like a good motor boat for your fist time' I thought. Despite his length Michael's girth made it still stretch my pussy to satisfaction. He slides his hand up under his pillow and pulls out his in haler and takes a big puff. I opted to not split the hotel fee after trying in vain for twenty minutes to breathe life into his limp dick. I smile at him seductively as I start rocking my hips bringing my pussy closer then further away from his mouth. My nipples were so hard I thought they would cut through my shirt. Michael licks his lips drooling at the sight of my glistening majesty. I sprayed and splashed Michael all over the face with my honey. "Spank me baby," I moaned as my ass bounced on his lap. "Mmmmm yes, I moan softly, his tongue dancing gingerly on my tasty nubs. 1920 mens hairstyle. He was breathing hard and I had to remember his asthma. "Yeah, lookin good, dungeon master!" Tessa teased but she really did mean it. I could see him just sitting there in a t-shirt and boxers with his head in his hands. I could feel his pulsing cock beneath me and it made the tiny little peach fuzz on my pussy stand on end. "Aaaah." I sigh as I grind my wet covered pussy on his throbbing cock. I reach out and place my hands over his and show him how I like to be man handled. I stood on the floor with my ass just a few inches from Michaels face. Michael practically dives into my chest taking my nipple in his mouth hungrily."Mmmmmm, fuck," I moan loving his tender licks. His blonde hair combed to the right and his blue eyes sparkling. I swallowed all I could but let some dribble out for sexy effect. I slurped and sucked the oozing cum out of the tip. "Suck it baby!" I say clutching his head to my chest. He was a total sweet heart though and any girl would be lucky to have him. After mulling the idea over in my head for a few seconds I walked in and locked the door. i grinded on him faster and faster still pinching his dick at the base so he couldn't cum in me. He was so tender and loving, caressing my thighs with his hands while he ate me out. It was all I brought really since I played to stay the night with Byron and I don't sleep in a bra. I got lots of "Mmmmms," out of him when my big ass came out of hiding. Suddenly the red glare of the time on his alarm clock rocks me back to reality. It was torture pulling my pussy away from his mouth but I wanted, no, needed to cum on his cock next. "Too hard," I sigh into his mouth as I feel a stinging sensation on my nipples. "Aaaaahhhh!" I could feel it like a geyser when I came. I slide my panties down lower tugging them from my glistening wetness getting more moans from my Michael as my panties slide down to my ankles. I got up and walked to the end of the hall following the sound. I walked over to him and sat on the bed by his side. I bounced my ass up and down his cock harder with each strike. Goosebumps formed all over his arms as I caressed him. Home Shows Music Celebs Style News Full Episodes TV Schedule Subscribe to our Newsletter "Shhhh!" I said to the chattering bitch behind me. Mmm just looking at him watching my on top of him with my tits exposed is almost enough to make me cum right now. His hands darted up from the bed as if they were some kind of a snake.

I slid my lips tenderly down kissing a cumy trail down his deflating shaft

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