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Men hairstyle straight hair. When she makes her hair at the back it really touches the shoulders thus making her wear the best medium brown hairstyle up to date. She decided to hide her natural hair completely by pulling cornrows on the scalp then the colorful weave sown on top. Make your hair super hot when you apply setting lotion after washing it, to apply rollers and sit under drier for hair to dry. The next step is to add nutrient hair product to your hair like conditioner for strength and body to your natural hair. For you can see the lady in the pick with medium length natural hair, this is one of the styles you can apply to your natural hair when giving it a break from previous plait. First use a big bristled comb to push hair straight, and on top of hair for that shinny look you want apply small amount of product on top. At the front hair is pushed behind ears and looking straight. Have your hair in color like if it features in two colors black and brown. Hairstyle for men with straight hair. No matter if your hair is pulled straight or curly still your looks come out perfect. Hair is parted on the right hand side and on the left marking between the forehead. For the lady featuring in the image has a long face and has a light skin tone, she went in for small boxes that are done half way of hairs then the rest of the weave is maintained with curls. The texture of hair is fine hair but one can apply it on thick hair too to achieve a beautiful look like hers. What makes this cool and modern is your natural texture.

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When hair is dry remove rollers and apply hair product on scalp and a few amounts on top, using a small comb push waves on your hair and towards the ends use the end tail of comb to make it looks forward and back to look fashionable. Brushed back hairstyle. Before dying your natural hair it needs to be washed off dirt or buildup from previous hair products. Plait your hair with medium to light weight braid brands to avoid braids pulling your hair loose or result in hair breaking afterwards. Crew cuts, flattop crew cuts, butch cuts and ivy leagues can be referred to as buzz cuts; all are traditionally groomed with hair control wax, commonly referred to as. On first application you use large amounts then the rest of days you apply small amounts to keep you going. Take a steam of your hair and before apply hair product like Venus or any other hair product that connects with the texture of your hair. Mostly this hairstyle is worn by celebrities and prominent women that are taken as examples to fellow women, like fashion magazines, runway models and re-known talk show presenters. Hair of the left hand side is pushed straight up to ear length and pinned within. At the very front cut it below cheeks and as you proceed backwards cut it to shoulder length slightly longer with sharp edges to point forward and some at the back. She picked a razor cut weave featuring in her favorite colors mentioned above, then joined it on cornrows.

This lady featuring in the pic above treated her natural hair long enough to touch shoulders. Medium hairstyles for black African American Women has all the chemistry you can apply on it to look, hot sexy mention your term that brings it out best. BEST MEDIUM HAIRSTYLE WITH TIGHT CURLS BLACK WOMEN They’re those black women who grow their natural hair to medium length and are confident enough that they can make it without applying weave or wig and look perfect with it. Only the upper part that short straight hair is applied on small comb. Assuming you have shampooed’ your hair, and you want to apply rollers to your hair then sit under drier to dry it off. For this black woman right before you have thick hair so she cut her hair in varying heights around her head in this order; using a small comb hair is pushed from top going towards the neck. Usually when you cut the weave out of its park you find that some pieces are long to be fixed at the front then for the short pieces to be fixed at the back of neck and the mid section to balance your hair evenly. Wash your hair clean off any dirt and sweat with shampoo meant for treated straight hair. On a clean scalp you make cornrows that cover your whole head, right on top of cornrows up add the blonde curly weave using sowing braid threads colored as your hair. Here's the thing: "Twenty seventeen is all about breaking the rules," says Townsend. Apply blonde highlights to cover the front part of left hand side up to mid crown then for the right hand side apply it sparingly on a few areas at the front too to make your hair look charming. Go to saloon for with high expertise to dye your natural hair for minimal chances of hair breaking and resulting in fly away hair. This length of hair is desired by African American women of all makes because it allows you to pull numerous hair designs on trend that keeps you looking cute in any way possible. All hair will be set on rollers like natural hair, product added on scalp to oil it then when rollers are put off add hairspray to your hair to keep it looking vibrant. For a few seconds it will be washed out, dry your hair then apply dye to your whole hair

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