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Well, those pieces had been driving me crazy with their weird lengths and I was pleased that he noticed right away. They aim for more natural looking color though I have gotten him to do pink streaks before. Nice!! I got my Balayage done by Karissa, and I have never been more happy with my hair. Diana Mildice and Theresa Tufte work exquisitely together as colorist and stylist. She explained some of the products she used on my hair, and their intended purpose. Asian hairstyle short. Amy is very smart, and is very good at what she does. Ryan has been cutting my hair for almost five years now - I highly recommend him! In addition to always leaving the salon feeling like I've had the best haircut of my life, he is very good at understanding what I want, even when I can't articulate what I am looking for. The stylist really listened to what I wanted and before styling it even asked how I'd like to have it styled. Euro mullet hairstyle. Diana is great for color - she listens, makes great suggestions, is very honest and always does a great job. It had a great energy! Since it was my first time at the salon, I had been a little nervous, but the really nice guy at the front desk instantly made me feel at home. Hans really takes his time to get it exactly right. You'll have made an appointment to meet with Bob for a haircut. Shelly was great! She listened, understood the issues I had with my hair, understood the style I wanted, gave me suggestions, AND she fixed some parts of my hair that looked bad without even charging for it! She fixed it in a way that would not only look better, but would grow out nicely too. He's a true talent with a natural eye and instinct for what works, and I would recommend him to anyone! I got my hair styled and cut by Cheryl Flagg. He recently moved to Maxine and I followed him without a second thought. He gave me some great advice on how to style my own hair. She took her time, asked many questions about my hair type, what kind of products I normally use, etc. I'm very attached to my long hair, and he listened to my request to keep my length as much as possible. One of the best cuts that I've ever had! Qiana relaxed and cut my hair and it is truly one of the best cuts that I've ever had! I grew my hair out from a pixie to almost a bob, and it was difficult to shape. I've been seeing Anna since she was first in Minnesota, then at another salon here in Chicago and now here. I also got my hair colored by Diana and am extremely pleased with my highlights. I have fine, very straight hair and not a lot of it. Aaron never rushes and is always meticulous with every detail. I have had many styles over the years -shags, bobs and everything in-between. My daughter and I have been going to Maxine salon for haircuts and color for a couple of years now. I was paired up with Adrianne and she rocks! I have a lot of super fine hair and really like to have a hairstyle, not just a plain 'ol cut. I felt very confident in him and could just relax and let him work his magic. It's also much faster than traditional highlighting, and I feel like it keeps my hair healthier as well. She is meticulous in the styling process and extremely talented at developing the right look for your face and hair. Two thumbs up from this customer! I recently discovered Maxine. Since meeting the stunning dark-haired Therese, though, there has been a strong attraction unlike she's felt before, and the promise of initiation. From the warm welcome to the cupcake while I was waiting in foils, this salon experience far surpassed any others. I love Maxine Salon! Good for busy professionals like myself After hearing good critiques from my friends and Gold Coast neighbours about this salon, I decided to check it out because I was in bad need of a cut, colour, and brow wax.

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Now, I am so lucky because they are in the same place. My coif was butchered twice while I was away from home, my hairs down there are not fairing too well and all because nothing compares to Maxine. I always thought that would make me a dream-client: I sit down and I want suggestions and am open to anything non-green, but I always seem to get a blank stare as a response. She does a good job of explaining what she is doing and giving tips on what products to buy and techniques to use in between appointments. I usually come armed with several photos because I believe they convey more than my decriptive language would.

Evan is my new favorite stylist - plus he's just a lovely person to chat with. Hans was very attentive, friendly and focused on providing me with a haircut that I would love. Once when I needed to get in last minute, they set me up with Sara who was also amazing. I also wanted to mention two of the guys that work at the front desk, Carlos and Richard, they were great! And I especially want to thank Carlos for recommending Robert to me. I would definitely make another appointment at Maxine. She was patient--though not condescending--as she helped me realize the truth about what my hair needs, since I am a lazy non-product-using person. I leave the style decisions up to him - easy to care for and variety every couple of months. The front desk staff was also super very courteous when I came in straight from the airport with my bulky suitcases! I recommend this salon highly

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