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It tames Continue ReadingThe undercut fade takes adds a blurry fade to that classic undercut silhouette. Whether you choose to keep your hair natural or relax it, avoid styles that reach your ears, as this will create too much volume. A hair icon for decades, here she’s sporting a classic layered bob that highlights each perfect ringlet on her gorgeous head of hair. In addition to image, soccer players also have to consider how hair choices will work on the field. Give the bob some graduated layers, both surface and asymmetrical. One of the appeals of this hairstyle is ease Continue ReadingWhen you are shaving your own head, there is only one buzz haircut. The coolest one we've seen is the neckline hair design. Messy Dark Brown Bob Image via haircareandhairstyles.comUntil seeing this cut, we didn’t know it was possible to be cute and sexy at the same time, but this fun just-above-the-shoulders cut pulls it off effortlessly. If you have wavy or curly hair, it's all about a Continue ReadingGuys, lets review your options for your next visit to the barber shop.

Most men's haircuts follow the long on top - short sides and back formula. Skin Fade + Hard Part Pompadour Haircut by Zainal Gravity-defying is always a cool look. It can be achieved by growing the hair long and cutting the top short. Or, go for a fade and style your hair on top into a big modern day pomp. Add in a low, mid or high fade, wear it with Continue ReadingThe mohawk has a come a long way from the original punk style. We are also seeing more tapers with the sides and back cut short with scissors instead of down to the skin with clippers. For short hair, try a messy crop while textured spikes work for any length. The inspiration from this haircut came from Brad Pitt’s haircut in the movie “Fury”. Make your face appear longer by getting your hair out of your face. Long hairstyles are beautiful, but do require a level of maintenance. In addition to being combed over to one side, the Ivy League can be styled with short bangs or brushed up into a short pompadour. Sweep Back With Waves Nomad Continue ReadingThe classic side part is also one of the most common men's hairstyles. Modern comb over haircuts can included a low, medium or high fade, undercut or be tapered.

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I always suggest my clients use products which will help them to recreate what I did in the salon. Even in character, Ryan Reynolds tends to have classic men's hairstyle with longer hair on top and short sides and back.

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