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The result is a spectacular cut, modern and hip, with just a touch of rugged masculinity. The Paul Walker Here is regretted actor Paul Walker superbly sporting a buzz cut clipped uniformly. Buzz Cuts and Stubble A cute combination is that between the buzz cut and a stubble. He went classic on almost his entire head, except for the forefront. A clean shaven beard and sides of your head will complete this one-of-a-kind look perfectly.

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Blonde and fair skinned ones can sport them as well. Buzz Cuts for Thick Hair One way of keeping thick hair in place and maintaining it is by sporting a buzz cut. ET: The Associated Press reports that the mandatory haircuts may be an unfounded rumor If you listen to the Rebel Cats you are probably familiar with their trademark pompadours. This idea work especially well if you have great cheekbones or a high forehead. It’s a cool and versatile look that works well in all seasons and for all occasions. The Zayn Malik Buzz Cuts Zayn Malik’s hair has his very own fandom on the internet. The less hair you have on your head, the bigger and bolder you can go on your beard. Here is a perfect example of a buzz cut paired with a steel gray suit and amazing white checkered shirt. Apart from that, it will always look good, no matter which version you choose and independent of hair color or length. Pair the hairstyle with a well-trimmed beard, a power suit, and diamond studs to match and you are ready to conquer the world. The Exemplary Buzz Cuts Evidently, since we are talking about buzz cuts and they do come from the military forces, we had to throw in the mix an army man as well. It involves cutting the sides and the back of the head to attain shorter profiles […] Here we have a long comb over hairstyle that looks great if you have the hair type for it The traditional buzz cuts used to be done with clippers, and they meant almost shaving all of your hair off for comfort and a rugged style. It will do wonders for your self-esteem and establish a hair styling path for later years. Consequently, when you put them together, you end up with a fabulous mix of rugged masculinity and rebelliousness that will make all the ladies swoon. No rogues hairs are allowed anymore, and definitely no bushy beards. The Lumberjack Buzz Cuts A variation of the hipster one, the lumberjack buzz cut will have you grow an attractive bushy beard. They key here lies in growing a thick beard at the same time. Unfortunately, some North Koreans may not be thrilled about the new look. The Confidence of Buzz Cuts Wearing a buzz cut will give you more confidence and power than you ever dreamed of.

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Adding a beard to it might just make you irresistible as far as potential partners go. The Tom Hardy Buzz Cut Some argued that there is nothing Tom Hardy could do wrong. In this way, you will get half a wavy buzz cut and half a clean shaved faded undercut with an elegantly trimmed beard. Here he is proving that a buzz cut can be just as dashing as long wavy locks, making him an urban price with a scowl. It will help you stay cool in summertime and it requires very low maintenance. So, even if you are not wearing designer clothes and your tummy is sticking out a little, your hair can make a statement and save the day. The Trendy Buzz Cuts If they allowed such things as trendiness in the military, this is what the haircuts would look like. How people perceive you in a first impression; how the interviewee evaluates you as you sit down for a job interview; how you are seen in a large social gathering; is all affected by the kind of hair you wear. As a consequence, there are no loose ends or stray hairs that could take away from the utter perfection that is this haircut. How to do a bouffant hairstyle. He has a subtle hair hue that is achieved with lift and height as the main setting module. It is, therefore, vital for you to choose a hairstyle that gives you the ‘right’ look. The Flat Top Buzz Cuts As you might have guessed, this version of the buzz cut combines the classical hairdo with the flat top. Therefore, this means that you’ve had a classic buzz cut and then left it out to grow for a month or two. If done neatly, it creates a beautiful, picture-perfect texture. That includes asking your hairstylist to keep your existing side parting. However, since they entered in the attention of Hollywood hunks, buzz cuts received an upgrade. Side part your hair and use some hair mouse to create a wavelike texture on the thicker side of your side part. The Overgrown Buzz Cuts Think about this version of the buzz cuts as a five o’clock shadow beard. The cut will go amazingly well with a dapper suit and tie. Never Out of Style Here is another example of a marvelous buzz cut that is here to prove this cut will never be out of style. The Hipster Buzz Cut There is such a thing as well. You can try it out if you wake up one morning and want to feel like true royalty. In case, you know, you have a history of bad hair decisions. Seeing as the buzz cut is such a versatile hairstyle, you can do anything you want with it. The Frontal Buzz Cut The rocking model in this pic displays an interesting approach to buzz cuts. Moreover, we decided to share these wonderful ideas and examples with you

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